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Ford’s new 7.3 liter big block gas engine

John E Davies

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This looks really promising for those owners who want a ton of low and midrange torque in a HD truck, but don’t want to go diesel.... I fit in that category. There are no power numbers yet but if it doesn’t make 525 ft lbs I would be really surprised.


It will come with a new Super Duty 10 speed transmission. It is a two valve pushrod design for compact design and reliability, port injection instead of direct injection (no intake valve carbon problems) and it is designed to run under a heavy continuous load while producing decent fuel economy. This is one complaint of the smaller turbo engines - under heavy load they don’t provide great mpgs.


This video goes into great detail about how the engine is designed; it is too way too much info if you are not a truck nerd.




I have never been a Ford fan but if they came out with a 2500 competitor for the offroad Ram Power Wagon with this engine as an option, I would think really hard about it, for sure.


John Davies


Spokane WA



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I have a V-10 6.8 L, 5R-110 tranny.  Thirsty engine but robust.  I wonder how the new 7.3 will compare? 288 hp, 4000 rpm, and 424 lb ft at 3000 rpm for a V-10.  OK, maybe it will beat those numbers.  Then the question is durability.  10 cylinders to spread the load over vs 8?  It's hard to imagine anything more durable than a V-10.


Oh well, only 150k on my V-10, and I'm just pulling an Ollie.  It'll be a while before I need a new one.

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