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Camel or Ostrich- Place Your Bets!

pam roach

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It is Wednesday morning and we will be heading to the International Camel Races in Virginia City. You can race on a Camel or an Ostrich. One of our road crew is going to ride!!!!!! Bet on which one and then place your number on who crosses the finish line first! Another great treat for us is meeting up with Technomadia today...they are going to share their "Burning Man" experiences with us. We have talked with hundreds of the "Burners" as they have departed the city of sand and dust. They are easily detected as they travel out-they are "white and grey" from the dust.

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How cool it is to walk out of a grocery store, and see an Oliver (that isn't yours)! We just ran into Dave, Pam and Evon while dropping off our recyclables and restocking our fridge at Save Mart in Reno. And now we're off for a lunch rendezvous, and likely joining them for camel racing!


- Cherie

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