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Why I'm glad I chose an Oliver "SOB" Experiences


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I had a Coleman popup for 16 years.  The quality was generally very good and easy to set up compared to other brands.  The tent fabric was Kimberly Clark Evolution 3.  Wow it was just terrific.  Breathable and warm at the same time.  It was sort of a waffle design and after 16 years of killing mosquitoes, the inside  looked like the aftermath of a horror movie.   You couldn't clean it.  I love the beautiful white smooth interior of the Oliver.


My last camper was a HI-LO and it served us well for 17 years.  Believe it or not, when changing a tire you had to completely deflate it to get it in the wheel well.  It must have been designed for a 14' wheel and then they decided to increase the wheel size to 15" for production. The China Bomb tires did not make for a relaxing drive either.  When I saw Oliver's big Michelin truck tires on the tour I was impressed.   In addition to that, the HI-LO  holding tanks behind the rear axle had to be emptied before towing otherwise it fish-tailed like crazy.  I don't know how much the low profile holding tanks on the Ollie improve the towing but it sure doesn't hurt.



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