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  1. The little drain hole on the exterior of the fan is the perfect size for the mud daubers. I am going to glue a little piece of screen over that now.
  2. Thanks Mike the problem was the thermal fuse.
  3. Thanks Mike I will check this before I order a new motor
  4. Mud daubers built a nest freezing the fan and burnt out the motor the next time I tried the fan and left it on accidentally. I found the fuse in the attic.
  5. My vent line bath exhaust fan is dead on my 2018 elite 2. Now in troubleshooting mode. I can not find a fuse labeled for the fan. Next is to check power to the unit. All that is left is a bad switch and motor. Am I forgetting something?
  6. A remote surge protector might seem like a belt and suspenders option but you can check on the pedestal before backing in.
  7. I would recommend Becoming Steve Jobs. A Oliver owners we can appreciate "sweating the details" leading to a great product. In the book it was a revelation to Apple that given the choice, people do discern and value quality more than they are usualy given credit for. Now to get the public to pay for that quality is the story for the marketing department to tell.
  8. Our #381 was picked up September 2018 and is at 40,000. Now that we live by our son, he has decided to add more miles to the Oliver with his family.
  9. We sanitize the fresh water tank with a half cup of bleach and it takes two full drains to get rid of the bleach taste. We take the water from the fresh water tank and run it through our Berkey Filter before using it for cooking etc.
  10. Watching people back in to a campsite is pure entertainment. I am impatient when in line for gas at Costco. People get out of their cars and stare at the pump like they never saw one before and it gets worse from there. Oh well, get out the phone and try to get to the end of the internet.
  11. While Battle Born batteries are very popular in the RV industry, Olivers choice of Lithionics brand peaked my interest. This video may explain the price of the option.
  12. I'll start this off with a video on how to get your F450 stuck when pulling your toyhauler 5th wheel in deep sand. There is a country song with the lyrics " The more boys I meet the more I love my Dog". Well the more toyhauler videos I watch the more I love my Oliver
  13. 90 Degree coupler https://smile.amazon.com/LockNLube-Degree-Grease-Coupler-Adapter/dp/B07STDDN1S/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1PP47DJBKR4DU&dchild=1&keywords=locknlube+90+degree+grease+coupler+adapter&qid=1620267138&sprefix=locknlube+90%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-5
  14. This might be over kill for a tarp but for large canvas tents on super hard ground they recommend 6 or 8 inch lag bolts and use a drill. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-2-in-x-6-in-Hex-Galvanized-Lag-Screw-803996/204647865
  15. The first time doing any job is usually a learning experience as simple as it might seem. Well the first thing I learned is that the grease gun is not like a caulking gun. The plunger needs to be pushed all the way in. Mine would not go in and back to you tube for the answer which was to wiggle it a little with the cylinder unscrewed a bit. Next, the LocknLube came with a great tip which locked on the zerk allowing up to 10,000 psi of force. Unfortunately, I could only reach one zerk because the tip was so long the tires were in the way of the rest. Since I was doing this at the storage lot not close to any autoparts store I proceeded to remove the wheels and finish the job. When I got home I ordered a 90 degree tip from Amazon. The suspension creaking that alerted me to the problem was solved.
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