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Outside Light Re-Wire

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One more post and I will stop taking up server space.


It is great that Oliver installs outside lights on both sides of the camper, but only the lights on the door side can be turned on from inside. I want to see what is happening on the oppisite side before I go treking around the camper in the dark to turn on the side lights from the switches at the front.


Luckily there are two extra switches right near the door in the main power panel. What I did was to access the driver side light through the access in the forward dinette seat. Cut the positive power feed, which comes from one of the three switches near the propane tanks. Spliced a new wire about 25 feet in length, fished it to the rear of the trailer, then up through the wire and A/C drian access to the upper cabinets. Next through the cabinets over the galley and connected it to one of the vacant switches in the main panel.


Now I can turn on the driver side light at the door before tripping over a skunk in the dark.


When we walk up to the trailer I still have the ground light I can turn on from the outside.


Sorry no pics, but if you have questions I can give more detail.

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Along those similar lines, I've thought about putting all the exterior lights on one of the spare 12V switches, and keep the interior lights on the existing switch. At least that way I could know that all exterior lights are off without having to step outside, while still being able to use a few interior lights. I'm not sure, however, what would be involved to re-wire it this way...maybe impossible?


I have to say that the amount of lighting options around the trailer are fantastic! There's almost no reason to need a flashlight outside unless maybe if you're headed behind the trailer, which is rare.



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