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Battery cutoff switch

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Hi all!


I have been looking for the battery cutoff switch...with no success.  I did a forum search and found some posts indicating there is no such switch.  But I also found this one that does show a switch of sorts under one of the beds with the solar hardware.  Apparently the top right breaker can be used as a switch to isolate the batteries from everything else except the solar charging and there's another one to disconnect that.  Is this what most people do or is an additional regular batter On/Off switch also recommended?  With those two breakers off there should be no need for any fuses to pull or switches to check, if I am understanding this.










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The early models had the battery disconnect but they dropped it at some point.  On my trailer, Oliver's side of the 12v electrical connects directly to a few items, like the CO detector, then through the main DC breaker, after which some other things break off, like the jacks, before anything goes to the fuse box.  So at least on mine, there was no way to fully disconnect the batteries without removing a battery cable.  There was also no disconnect for the solar.  I added both, and it certainly makes working on things easier.

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