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  1. You can kind of see it in this photo - back in the shadows above the plates.
  2. The outlet is in the cabinet above, and there's an access hole in the top of the microwave cabinet.
  3. We've monitored our toaster oven (also the Breville) and it doesn't seem to transfer much heat to the cabinet. I mean, I wouldn't close the door while it's on. We do make sure that it isn't in contact with anything else but that's all. I was a little worried after I added a shelf above the oven, which closed down the gap at the top to about an inch, but even after 30 minutes with the oven on 450, the bottom of the shelf isn't particularly hot. I think we had some discussion a few years back about adding some heat insulating board to the inside of the cabinet.
  4. Patriot, if that's where you're making your martinis, I hope you don't mind if I skip your cocktail party at the next rally. 🤢
  5. It's nice looking. It looks matte. Can you tell if the finish is in the plastic or if it's paint?
  6. Interesting comments. I agree that the forum would benefit from having a FAQ section of some sort to answer common questions. I think that in itself would/should cut down on a lot of the repetitive discussion. I've felt for a while that a simple list of links to Important Topics could be easily maintained once it's set up, and would serve the purpose of a FAQ probably better than a FAQ itself could. Perhaps a separate one for each forum area. I've just been too lazy to create one myself, and uneager to suggest it since that's just an invitation for the assignment. 🙃 But I don't thin
  7. If you go here, and scroll down to the Elite II Measurement Index, you'll find all of those dimensions plus many more that you'll probably want to know at some point.
  8. If Dometic's threshold for consumer satisfaction is "Does our product cause you physical pain?", then that would explain a lot.
  9. Odd change. We didn’t get the bumper, since we were getting custom upholstery and that’s part of the package. Like Andrew, I’ve never come close to hitting my head on the way out. But a few times coming in, directly on the edge of the frame . That hurts!
  10. Warm temps for most of yesterday and all today, plus rain tonight, should clear the roads across the state completely. All in all, we’re pretty proud of how well TN dealt with this. At least on the western end, no major utility problems and our city even had the forethought to bring in snowplows from outside. The worst problem for us has been low water pressure, but that’s a tiny inconvenience, considering. And I suspect that an add on silver lining will be a reduction in COVID rates across the southeast, what with everything shut down for a week.
  11. You’ll run into a similar airflow problem on the other side, since the black tank drain takes up the majority of the channel underneath the dinette floor. You could remove the drain, of course, since you’ve got a composting toilet. Otherwise, the airflow will be limited to the gap between the floor and hull/tanks. Perhaps a vent under the pantry? Plenty of airflow between there and the furnace.
  12. Actually, thinking about it, I believe that the standard fridge sits lower than mine - right at the floor? That’s probably why the ‘baffle’ exists, since it’s just an extension of the rear wall of the fridge compartment. If so, then you’d be cutting into the fridge compartment. Perhaps that makes the situation worse, since you’re then dependent on air making it’s way around the fridge to get into the basement. Either way, the dinette is certainly an easier solution. If your weep vents are anything like mine, they’re 90% blocked with fiberglass dust gunk from construction, so pro
  13. I’m just catching up on this - haven’t been too active here the past few weeks. A vent at the fridge could work, but would probably involve a good bit more work than cutting one at the dinette. If your trailer is built like mine, there will be two problems with the fridge vent. First, there is a solid floor underneath the fridge that separates the fridge space from the basement, so you’ll need to cut a hole in that as well (easy enough, and desirable for future maintenance anyway). Second, there’s a fiberglass ‘baffle’ in the basement area separating the area under the fridge from that
  14. No, they were part of a one-off disk brake experiment Oliver did for me.
  15. I think if we didn't already have ours, we might have tried those. Actually, one of the bags was leaking a bit this last trip, so maybe I should take a look at a replacement.
  16. Sleeping bags for us, definitely. We tried real bedding but it was too much trouble and honestly just didn't feel like camping. If we were full timers, then I imagine that we'd reconsider. We carry both lightweight and heavyweight bags, plus a couple smaller Rumpl blankets, which are great to have around camp. We've found that instead of sleeping inside the sleeping bags, we'll put one down as the bottom and then one on top as a comforter. That's less constricting and the bottom one acts as extra cushioning. Everything is down, and thus can all be easily stuffed into the top of the
  17. Correct, starting this year. I have them on mine and they're zero maintenance other than occasionally checking for any leakage or play in the bearing. You'll still have to lube the suspension bushings, however.
  18. No need whatsoever. If anything I should apologize if I came on too strong. We all have our opinions, things we stress over, don't stress over, etc. Like anyone else, I'm just a guy with an opinion, and a year from now I may have changed it. I just don't want people to think that this is something that they absolutely have to do if they swap out to lithiums. Some people may read this and decide to take the extra precaution, and some may want to just wait and see if it really turns out to be anything worth worrying about.
  19. I wonder if Oliver would help fund the first Ollie Antarctica Expedition?
  20. I still think this is a lot of drama over numbers in technical specs without much in the way of real world failures actually pointing to an issue. I’ve been running lithiums for three years now with no circuit board failures and this thread is literally the only thing on the entire internet that I can find expressing concern over lithium charge voltages. IMO, go camping and stop worrying.
  21. I'll take that as confirmation that Oliver is working on a seaworthy model. Will there be an upgrade for existing owners?
  22. Speaking of bluetooth thermostats, MicroAir has one now that works with our Dometic ACs. It costs a good bit more than the Dometic version, but it's programmable, works via either bluetooth or wifi, works remotely, has a nice touch screen, etc. Pretty nice. https://www.microair.net/products/easytouch-rv-thermostat?variant=32199143555156
  23. The trick to heating the bath is to make sure that the main duct is open - it’s the tall rectangular flap with a mirror on one side. We also only use the heat when it’s super cold, and even then we set it to 50 or something. And I just recently swapped out the thermostat for the Bluetooth one and being able to turn on the heat in the AM from the comfort of your sleeping bag is definitely better. It’s easy and only takes a minute to link your phone.
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