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Stainless Steel Railing Loosens Up (Elite-I)


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The stainless steel set screws that hold together the 1" SS railing between the side dinette and rear dinette (only in an Elite-I) apparently loosen up during travel. I've found several loose setscrews under the seat cushions or on the floor that have backed themselves completely out. Others I've noticed while they were loose but before falling out. One fell out and disappeared completely, never to be found.


I could see no obvious evidence that any type of threadlocker had been used on these setscrews originally. For my first repair attempt, I'm putting them back in with Loc-Tite "Blue" Threadlocker 243. If that doesn't hold them, I'll move up to a stronger/more permanent threadlocker.


Still a work in progress...


FYI I found replacement SS setscrews at Defender (same setscrews as used in SS boat railings) - Whitecap P/N 6249C, 316 Stainless Steel, 1/4-28 threads, cone point, pkg of 10.


Tom & Holly

2018 Oliver Legacy Elite I #409 - 2017 Silverado 1500, 5.3L Gas, 4x4 Z71, Dbl Cab, Std Bed






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