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Northern Lite and Cirrus truck campers factory tours

John E Davies

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Here is an interesting contrast to the Oliver factory, which takes a couple of months to turn out a trailer. NL is considered to be at the very top of the mass produced truck campers in terms of features, quality and four season capability. OTH they churn these out in two DAYS, which I believe is considered slow in conventional RV manufacturing.


They mate the top and bottom molded hull parts in the “marriage chapel” and then wheel it into the main area where all the parts with the exception of the bathroom are installed. The bath is too big, it is laid down inside the lower half before the mating occurs. All the other interior parts are carried in through the rear door in pieces and assembled inside. Compared to an Ollie, that is pretty Stone Aged.....






They sure do use a LOT of wood and screws.....


In contrast, the new Cirrus campers are put together in the opposite manner. The floor and interior is assembled with free and easy access to all the future hidden areas, then the roof and sides are wheeled in and screwed to the interior. The construction is aluminum framing, foam insulation and fiberglass panels. The interior cabinets are man-made materials. All this is good, but then they mess it up by installing wood strips inside the framing, “to give the screws something to bite into”.... and something to rot.





I hope this was interesting. Oliver does not do it to perfection, but they do it lots LOTS better than the other guys.... Really long detailed Oliver factory tour:



And now for a real eye opener.....  beware strong language.... :



John Davies


Spokane WA



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