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Bathroom Water Pump Switch


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Maybe you have had this happen. Nature calls, you get into the bathroom and in a most inconvenient moment you realize the what pump isn't on. Here's a solution, add a switch to turn the pump on in the bathroom. I added one in the two rack next to the floor light switch. I really wanted a four-way switch, but could not find one. So I basically added what amounts too an override of the circuit that draw from it's on power. This switch will turn the pump on, but the others will not turn it off. Turning this switch off, will allow the original two to function normally.


As an additional feature and to help trouble shoot why the original switches are not turning the pump off, I added a red LED. The LED illuminates the upper towel bar when the bathroom pump switch is on. This pic is kind of dark to illustrate, but the light is visible even in the well lite bathroom.

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