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Nightstand Drawer Organizer


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Mirna and I have returned from our 30-day transatlantic cruise, in a word Wow!

I’m heading back into the shop next week and Nightstand Drawer Organizer are up first on the production schedule.

Space is a premium in our Oliver Travel Trailers and the nightstand drawer is a great catch all until you need to find something. The drawer is deep, long and can hold a lot of stuff, but finding something is always, a dig until you find it.

To solve this problem, I designed a two-piece organizer that divides the lower part of the drawer into a larger back compartment and two smaller front compartments. Sitting on top of these lower compartments is a sliding half drawer that provides quick access to the most needed items – remotes, keys, glasses, etc. And with a simple push you can get to the items below.

I am going to be taking orders this week and going into production next week. The nightstand divider is crafted from ¼” Honduran mahogany with birch plywood bottoms and is assembled using miter & dado joints, waterproof glue and pin nails. To this I apply a hand rubbed oil finish to show off the beautiful mahogany “ribbons” and make it a fantastic upgrade to your nightstand!

Price $79 + shipping. Can I craft one for your Oliver? Email me at 48ocean@gmail.com

NS angle.jpg

NS bottom.jpg

NS front.jpg

NS angle back.jpg

NS bottom side.jpg

NS Top.jpg

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Foy and Mirna 

Roamy Mc Roadhouse
2017 Legacy Elite II, Twin Bed
Hull #227
2021 RAM 1500 Limited





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