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Unfortunately we knew this day would come. AFAIK, everyone here has the ability to moderate (and kick) users (spam bots). If you are unable to ban a user, let me know and I will fix this.


The primary mechanism of defense is CAPTCHA, that annoying image that you have to figure out and type the random numbers and letters.


The problem with CAPTCHA, is that it is not impossible for a simple computer program to read and correctly answer a certain percentage of the time.


I have put in a 10 second pause during the registration process which may end up kicking this bot permanently (it is most likely one bot that is doing this). Regardless of whether or not this works for this one bot, there will be more. (we probably have a high enough google page rank to be warranting attention by these spammers).


I have three options, which I would like your feedback on, and will ultimately end up running by Robert to make a decision.


Option 1: Do nothing (as far as changing the security settings). We would just have to watch the messages and delete as they come in. (Maybe someone could subscribe to the whole board, so everything is emailed to their blackberry as it comes in, maybe add some 'janitors' in addition to moderators).


Option 2: 'Fully' moderate the board, requiring that one of us pre-approve each message. It is possible to trust some users, and then moderate posts by 'new' users. (if they make one 'human' looking post, then let them post more)


Option 3: Use a IP black list (i.e., subscribe to a service that monitors ip addresses of likely spammers)


I like the idea of option 1 or 2, most boards our size do one or the other.


Option 3 in my opinion is not going to solve the issue, just reduce the frequency a bit, it will also raise false positives, blocking innocent users (probably as many innocents as spammers). Also it would take the longest to implement. But I wanted to have some option that didn't involve everybody doing more work.


Anyways, lets keep this thread going and see what we come up with!

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