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What's In The Water


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As you know you should sanitize your water system and Oliver gives great instruction in the manual. But, even after proper sanitizing, I am still reluctant to drink from the tap. You can carry bottled water or maybe install a good filter to strain out the bad guys. One such filter is made a brand call Sea Gull. Had one on our last camper so I wanted to install one in our Oliver. This proved to be bit of a challenge.


The first hurdle to overcome is where to install the filter. It must be easily accessible for changing and proper care. I decided to mount in behind the larger drawer under the sink. From this point on I will admit this is a tough job. I won't go into details just list what it involved to get the end result.


1. Remove drawer, easy.

2. Accessing the fitting to the cold water side of the sink faucet proved challenging. Removed the stove to gain better access.

3. Installed fitting and filter faucet, very slow do to limited access, took about a hour.

4. Mount filter tested. Had some difficulty getting the fitting snug and drip free. Access to this are is difficult.

5. Modified large drawer to accommodate the space now used by the filter. Had to remove about four inches from the back of the drawer.

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When I installed our soap dispenser about where you put that water dispenser, I thought about putting in an RO system. I didn't because it seemed easier to bring drinking water as often as we have time to go.


When I was thinking about it, my plan was to mount the filters under the seat by the water heater and water pump. I am sure that eventually I will install one.

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I thought of the same location. I can't recall the exact issue I had with the spot, but one may have been that the storage insert occupies more of the space than I thought. I think the second had to do with fishing the lines between there and the sink.

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