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  1. We haven't had any pathway lights fail, since we rarely use them. And if they are LED, they (should be) rated at 50,000+ hours, so that's a lot of time (5.7 years) using them. It's great to hear from you again. Are you coming east or north someday? Someday I hope, no definite plans at the moment. Do need to make some though.
  2. I believe the pathway lights (like the matching outside lights) are LED and so the bulbs are unlikely to be replaceable and you would need to just replace the entire fixture. I thought I had seen those lights in the SeaDog online catalog, but now I can't seem to find them there. I did find this one: http://www.amazon.com/Directed-Courtesy-Lights-stainless-LED/dp/B0015G7OR0
  3. It might be possible to install the HepVo from under the seat next to the shower. I don't know that there is enough room though. If there is not, you would need to pull out the shower pan. Pulling the shower pan SHOULD be just cutting out the caulk around the edge and lifting it out, but as I have not done it, I don't know for sure.
  4. Without much research other than having seen the Oliver's shower trap in person, and then pictures of the HepVo. I think, the main benefit would be the ability to then get rid of the valve that opens and closes the shower drain. Our valve has always been difficult to use and not having to have it would be a big improvement. In the Oliver, the air vent to outside doesn't go through the shower connection, so the venting trouble they seemed to be trying to work around on the Casita forum would not be a problem in the Oliver.
  5. GFCI's do wear out over time and need to be replaced when they don't allow their rated draw without tripping.
  6. Have you plugged your trailer into a GFI previously? Why I ask is that we had a similar problem with our Oliver, it worked fine plugged into a 30A outlet, but tripped the GFI we were trying to use. It turned out the cord reel was wired incorrectly (which I found out on our first camping trip in the trailer trying to use the generator) but I was able to disassemble and rewire the cord reel to get it working.
  7. should we put the trailer up on blocks, or will the electric jacks be strong and stable enough for long-term storage? I just put ours up on the jacks, they seem fine and I don't see any reason they would be any worse after a long while than after a few days of having the trailer on them while using it. Depending on the ground it is sitting on, you might want something under the jacks to distribute the weight to a larger area to keep it from sinking in. Also - should we put anything in the various tanks to keep them from getting stagnant or musty? Or is just draining them enough? We live in Havasu, so I just make sure they are not sealed shut and they end up dry as a bone in short order. Someplace else, I don't really know. I'd imagine something to kill anything that might grow in there might be a good idea.
  8. Does seem like it'll be really nice for cold camping, but also the ability for it to catch dirt and then take it out and shake it and wash it. I wouldn't want anything permanent in there, but this that can be pulled out should be amazing! Anywho. It is:Clint Spencer <SpencersClint - AT - gmail.com> (didn't want to post it exactly for the spam bots) Spencer's Carpet Outlet & Tile 585 Lake Havasu Ave N, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403-3657 (928) 453-3010 You can talk to anybody there, but they'll probably just pass it of to Clint anyway.
  9. Got our friend to make us a carpet kit for the Oliver, seems like the rugs were never enough. It is all one piece and easy to pull out and hose off. He kept the pattern and said making more should be fairly easy.
  10. As you say, drain/clean the tanks and water heater, remove any sorts of perishable goods. Prop open the fridge door (be sure to turn it off), because otherwise they smell funny. Here in Havasu, we don't really have to deal with rain, so while our trailer is parked, I turn on the fantastic fan (blowing out with the thermostat set as warm as it can go) and open the bathroom window because otherwise it can be an oven in there, although not nearly as bad as the Airstream. If possible I would move the tires inside. It is a big theft deterrent, although depending on where you are parking it, probably not a huge deal. It will also keep them out of the sun and the weight off of them which should help them degrade less while not using them. Apart from that, the only thing I can think of is battery maintenance. The solar should keep the batteries maintained, but again that has to do with where it is parked as well as battery drains. When I installed our solar, I put in a main disconnect that turns off everything to the batteries except the solar controller, this allows me to be sure there are no strange drains on the system (although it also confuses me when I don't remember turning it off and things don't work). Oh ya, make a plan for the keys and do something so you don't forget where they are
  11. Was thinking of doing this. My actual plan was to mount some lights up above the window pointing down at the corners and have them double as backup/utility lighting. Perhaps when we finish the Airstream I can get back to Oliver projects!
  12. If you just want to hold the cables, you could do about anything. Screws or rivets into the inner hull should work, some sort of adhesive would also hold it up, but that would mean finding an adhesive that would bond with both materials and I am not familiar with bonding to fiberglass.
  13. Wow Eric, nice install! The only reason we accepted this install, even temporarily, is that the batteries are AGM. My plan eventually is to eventually find a tray that is deeper and wider so that I can put 3 batteries along the back of the tray, have the faucet mounted in front of the batteries and beside the faucet, have room for our toolbag. At that point I would engineer a solution to separate the battery box from the main compartment.
  14. We installed a couple Universal Battery UB121350's. We have had them for about a year and so far I have been happy, although we haven't had nearly as many trips as would have been nice. We actually ordered the Gruber Power branded batteries but they shipped us the others. I believe we got them from Gruber Power's eBay store. As you can see, they were a bit taller than I thought, or the battery box was smaller than I measured. The red terminals stick out the top of the box. and the box is cut to a flap so the black cables can snake underneath.
  15. We are just off the path for Route 66 in Arizona, so when you get nearby stop by and say hi!
  16. Chris, I have a spare that the factory sent if you can't find one, if you stop by I also have a key that will remove it. It is a Sea-Dog 512110 if you want to source it from someplace else. Actually, it is probably the 513110, which is the stainless, not chrome plated version. I would actually bet that's the one. http://www.google.com/products?q=sea-dog+513110
  17. Most office chairs seem to sit on a single post. It seems like it would be relatively straight forward to design a bracket to hold one on the bench. I haven't done it, but I can imagine it. You would likely even be able to do some pivoting in the seat, depending on mounting options. The only issue I see is having access to the tools to make the bracket, it might take a machine shop to build the post.
  18. I did just want to add, that I hooked up Rdiculs to the Oliver and didn't get any pinging trying anything I could think of. Wayne suggested if you had recently stopped that it could have been the sound of the brakes cooling, but that didn't make sense since it stopped when you disconnected the truck. Did it start again when you hooked the truck back up? If not perhaps it had just cooled enough and the fact that you unhooked the truck was just a coincidence?
  19. Mountainborn had some good thoughts on the shock, I would say if anything was broken with the shock, it would be visible, so all you should need is a new bolt. As far as the "pinging" sound, I have heard something similar when the brakes are engaged, but I haven't listened at other times with the TV connected. I can try hooking up the truck today and listening in different situations and see if I can reproduce so we can decide if it is "normal" Which brake controller do you have in the new truck?
  20. If this forum were to go offline, I am sure either Technomadia or I could set up something new. Both Technomadia and oliver.hewus.com are high on the results for Oliver Travel Trailers (at least on the Google) so I am sure we could be found by anyone who looked. Obviously I hope this forum stays as the existing content is great. I do hope if the forum were to go away that someone could get a database dump so we don't lose the content.
  21. I want to add to this thread that I checked the ground connection in our trailer to the metal plate in the top cabinet where the OLIVER signal lights are. Like Technomadia's trailer, our is grounded with a rivet, unlike theirs, our rivet is larger and the hole in the ground lug is smaller so it is a much more secure connection. I grounded the wire in our trailer and I can't think of any reason not to because otherwise you get the "same" ground through the hitch, just not as reliable a connection.
  22. Where does the ground wire in the harness coming from the front plug terminate inside the trailer? The ground (white) wire from the 7-pin trailer connector from the factory is connected to the negative side of all of the indicator lights on the outside of the trailer as well as to the metal plate that holds the lights that light up the OLIVER at the rear top of the trailer. It is not tied to the trailer ground in any way. (At least this appears to be the case in our trailer as well as Technomadia's) I still got continuity between the ground wire in the plug and the frame so it obviously is grounded somewhere else. Any ideas? If it is grounded someplace in your trailer, I don't know where that would be.
  23. We did get it working, I forgot to check that ground connection on those upper tail lights on our trailer, but I will do that and let you know what I find. However, our Oliver also did not seem to be charging from the tow vehicle either but I realized my tests were with the trailer not on the ball. I found the ground connection that was coming from the 7-pin connector at the front of the trailer past my ground plate. I cut into that cable and grounded both sides to the trailer. I now can charge from the tow vehicle, although I get less than 9 amps. I attribute this to the ground wire coming from the 7-pin connector being 14 gauge wire. This means when we are grounding through the hitch we may get more, but when I have time, I expect we will upgrade that wire.
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