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Trojan Hydrolink - Don't rely on indicators

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It appears that the electrolyte level indicators are unreliable. I found this out the hard way. I religiously checked the indicators before, during and after trips. On our last trip, we woke up one morning with an extremely low battery voltage and of course almost all electrical systems were down. I again checked the Trojan indicators but also pulled the caps off to find that the cells were almost completely dry. I refilled with clean, but not distilled water and am hoping for the best. I also invested in an old fashioned hydrometer to keep an eye on the specific gravity. Keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't ruined $800 worth of batteries. 

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I had a similar experience, checking the  bubble indicators periodically, which never did turn 'white'.  When I finally pulled off the caps, the cells were dry.  I did not experience a significant voltage drop, or electrical issues, although the minimum voltage at night has been 12.5, lower than it should be.  I have read, and found, that the hydrolink system does prevent overfilling, indicated by no longer being able to squeeze the hand pump; so I have periodically topped off the water.  Try equalizing the batteries a few times, if the voltage does not come back to where it should be.  I've found that does boost the minimum voltage a decimal or two.  By the way, Trojan advertises a four year warranty for the hydrolink system.  Good luck.  Russ Caslin

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