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As we are preparing for our second Spring time of camping in our Oliver, we discovered that our inline water filter, ( you know one of those that hooks to the water faucet in the campground ), was letting very little water through. We could probably squeeze out another year with it, but who wants trouble while out on the road ?

Betty picked up another filter at wally world. They had went up nearly 20% ! Wow, how about one of those price roll backs !

It had been quite sometime since the last install, ( November 0f 2007 ),so I read the instructions. This is a straight forward install with little chance of making a mistake. It went well, as was expected.

There was only one slight difference from our last install.

After the first hook up, as we flushed the filter with water for the first time, we noted that the water that came out was black. That was to be expected since the filter had charcoal in it. But this filter may have been transported further and may have been subject to more vibration that created more charcoal dust.

The stream of water was black for aproximately 35 seconds, which was about twice as long as any of these filters we have used before. It cleared up and was apparently normal in all other ways.

But it made me wonder, as I placed todays date on the filter for future replacement tracking, will my new higher priced filter have a shorter life ?

Has anyone on here had a similar and longer black water experience ?

Or have you experienced a shorter filter life span ?

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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I just picked up one of those Wally World RV water filters last week and used it over the weekend. During the flush I didn't get any black sediment, just a very slight tint to the water for the first few seconds. Flushed it for a minute or so and water was totally clear.


This is my first experience with the filter, so don't have any history to provide.



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