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Lagun Table? - Oliver Legacy Elite II


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We're working on options for our Legacy Elite II this month (Sept 2020)

Anyone have the Lagun Table? I see some posts about it but am looking for some specific pros/cons.

How does it look (photos would be great)? How does it work?

I hear:
It's springy (how springy?)
Blocks access to the night stand (when in use only?)
inhibits the openness of the basement (Like putting in the lower access door)
I'll be working remotely from the road and am looking to garner some more workspace.
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You should read through these four topics - they'll give you a good idea of the pros and cons as well as modifications that other owners have done to make them work better:

Yes, they're a little springy.  How much so depends on the weight you put on it and how tall you set it.  Also if you really crank down on the levers it will stiffen up a good bit.  We have no issues eating on it or as a casual table, but I might find it annoying to type on - haven't tried, so I can't say for sure.  In truth, I rarely notice.  We've done a number of modifications to our trailer and this is one that we felt was really transformative.  But for us, it took all the pieces coming together to make it work - folding tabletop, the side mount, cushions rather than mattresses, etc.

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