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Propane hose


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If you are talking about connecting the generator/inverter to your propane quick connect, then you really need a propane hose with 1/4 inch male QC fitting and the correct length of hose with the correct fitting for your generator/inverter.  My Champion dual fuel uses a 1/4 inch male QC fitting too, so in my case I have a two ended hose with 1/4 inch male QC that I connect to a normal 1/4 inch QC hose that has the male and a female QC fitting.  Naturally the length is determined by where you might want to have the generator/inverter or similar low pressure appliance to be located.  In your case, if I have guessed your intent, a five foot hose would be sufficient to go from the basket to the QC propane installed on the tongue of the trailer.  

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David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

Hull 509 "The Swallow"

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