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  1. I live close to to Guntersville, what can i do to help? I'm a brand new Ollie owner hull #126. She's probably seen a lot more country than me.
  2. Wow, pretty sweet Don. We have been playing with Ollie since we got home . Terry has been working hard to get power and water back out in out pasture where we had it before. The solar works wonderful. My oldest son (who's a fix it man like his daddy) was lusting over the batteries you installed. I think Terry and him talked batteries for over 2 hours. I hope your travel dreams come true. Maybe we shall meet again somewhere in the good ole U.S.A. (Cause this old girl ain't ever leaving North America) Mary R.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good surge proctector?
  4. Just purchased a use Oliver Elite ll and will be meeting the owner at the Oliver Factory to replace the Suburban furnace and I would like to know if anyone knows the difference in the Dometic furnace and the Suburban furnace? Thank you
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