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Elite I | F150 | Andersen No Sway WDH

Brian and Maria

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We elected to have Oliver install the Andersen hitch during our recent visit there for service. We had been using a weight carrying hitch and made the switch for two reasons. Even though our TV has the max tow package, the maximum tongue weight allowed without a weight distribution hitch/WDH is 500 lbs. After several trips weighing our rig on a CAT scale, I noted we exceeded that allowance with fresh water onboard. Liability issues compelled us to switch to a WDH. Also we noticed porpoising with the weight carrying hitch. I am very pleased to say that has been all but eliminated and the towing experience is much more enjoyable. I will revisit the CAT scale to see how well the hitch’s weight distribution feature works.
I understand that some find it challenging to reconnect the Andersen hitch under certain conditions, e.g. unlevel terrain. We have not yet had the opportunity to reconnect but hope to take advantage of the tips found in the various posts on this forum and the Oliver Owners Facebook page.
- Brian






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Brian and Maria | and furbabies Lucas and Joie | Western NC
2020 Elite I | Hull 583 | February 6 Delivery
2018 F150 XLT 4x4 Supercrew | 3.5L V6 EB | Max Trailer Tow | Undercover Elite Tonneau

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