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  1. The first two delivery day pics are at the Oliver office, the second two at David Crockett State Park where we spent five nights after pick up. The extended stay including a couple nights rain and one snow put our new trailer and the four of us through the tests! Weather permitting we spent our time outdoors but the rain and cold had us inside....we have it all worked out and it is “cozy.” We love the trailer and look forward to many, many adventures. Safe travels to everyone. Brian
  2. Congratulations Scott and Debi! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Brian
  3. Congratulations Chuck and safe travels! Awesome that you’ll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Brian
  4. Bill that sounds like a plan! Haven’t been to 12 Bones since they moved and I welcome the chance to meet you all AND have some of those ribs! I’ll touch base with everyone soon as work permits to see if we can arrange it. It’s nice to have Oliver owners in the neighborhood! Brian
  5. Hi Mike, thank you for the welcome, appreciate it! Great idea to video the orientation......much more reliable than trying to read my hand-written notes lol. We will both be there so it should work well to have at least one of us filming. Brian
  6. Bill, thanks very much! I appreciate your comments on your pick up trip, especially since you were coming from WNC. That stretch through the gorge on I-40 can be interesting even with favorable weather, I’m happy to hear that you made it okay and got to enjoy that warmer weather in Florida. I was not aware that the delivery will take place inside, good to know! Seems that it will make it easier to pay attention during what I understand to be an all-day briefing. I’m happy there’s an Ollie nearby and hope that we can meet you someday! Brian
  7. Sherry and Paul, thanks for the welcome. I hope that we have the opportunity to meet, perhaps when you’re next out this way. I would love to be able to pick your brains of some of that vast experience with an Elite since 2008! That’s awesome. The cold beverages are on me if you’ll share some stories. 😁 Brian
  8. Warmest greetings to everyone! By way of introduction my name is Brian and my wife’s name is Maria. We are very excited to be taking delivery of our Elite I in February! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is kind enough to allow for a safe pickup for us and anyone else who may be taking delivery in the winter months. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to these forums. We are first-time travel trailer owners with a lot to learn. We have learned so much from you already, so thanks for that! We look forward to our paths crossing. Safe travels everyone and take care. Brian and Maria
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