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  1. A falling branch wiped out our backup camera antenna recently. I found this replacement at etrailer.com (p/n PXXHD0006301R fits camera model WVCMS130AP, $21 plus tax and S/H). First experience with that site, fully satisfied with their prompt shipping and protective packaging. Hoping this info may help someone. - Brian
  2. Hi dewdev: I think that I may be the only Elite I owner using the Andersen with a 1/2 ton. We towed without it for the first few months and never had any issues except for slight porpoising at times. I decided to buy the Andersen mainly because of liability concerns: our TV requires a WDH for a 500 lb+ tongue weight. While our tongue weight is normally sub-400, we do draw near 500 with a full fresh water tank. I just didn’t want to worry about it so added the WDH. The Elite pulled very nicely without it, since adding the Andersen the improvements are minimal but noticeable; less porpoising and
  3. As follow up on this, I reweighed at a CAT scale during our camp trip earlier this week. With a full fresh water tank, the tongue weight was 498 so much less than the 640 that I earlier estimated and thanks to those who pointed out that possibility. The truck with trailer attached weighed in at 6,960 - a good 90 pounds under GVWR. And I still have yet to trade out that heavy rubber bed mat so I'm in pretty good shape weight-wise. By the way, I recommend Calhoun Falls State Park (SC). Level RV sites with large, level living area pads, good spacing between sites and right on Lake Russell. -
  4. Hi bobc: This reply may be too late to be useful for you but I’m finally on a level pad and I measured 20” from the ground to inside the Bulldog. Cheers. - Brian
  5. We’re going to miss Edisto Beach State Park. We’ve enjoyed our stay and we were happy to see a very nice looking Elite II at the campground and meet more of the Oliver family! The ocean is on the other side of the dunes in the second picture so you’re not exactly “on the beach” but close enough to hear the surf and take a nice long walk on the beach whenever you want. Many, many shells on the beach. The first night the no-see’ums were terrible and had us making a hasty retreat indoors. The next day they weren’t an issue because it was quite cool but they were back again today, a war
  6. Mattnan, thanks and happy to hear that you enjoyed your Edisto Beach stay. We love the mountains but also enjoy surf and sand so we're jazzed to see Edisto. We have a camper friend who spoke well of Hunter Island. I'd be interested in your impressions, we're considering a stay there as well. Be safe. - Brian
  7. BackofBeyond, thank! and so far, so good, looks like the weather will cooperate. Booking so far in advance is a roll of the dice we sometimes lose, weather-wise, but in this case was necessary to get a spot on the beach. Be safe. - Brian
  8. We’re jazzed that the weather is looking great for our beach trip! Starting Sunday and returning on Wednesday. This will be our first time camping right on a beach so we are really looking forward to it. We’ve never been to Edisto Beach; Folly Beach further to the north has been our favorite. We don’t camp right on the beach there but the campground at nearby James Island County Park is awesome. Anyway I hope to post here again after this trip. Keep safe everyone. - Brian
  9. John, could be but I don't think it's that far off. I should have included that I refer to it as an estimate only because I weighed the TV (only) and the TV plus trailer on two separate trips. Though both were laden ready for camping, I can't state that both contained the same items for both weigh-ins but there were no major (heavy) items added or omitted . The TV (only) weight was 6,420. The TV weight increased by 640 lbs. when I added the trailer. That said I do need to take those weights on the same day for accuracy. Or as you suggested buy a tongue weight scale. Thanks for the Sherline rec
  10. TexasGuy, glad to be of help. Here are my CAT scale numbers for the overweight: steer 3,260 drive 3,800 trailer 3,660. Truck GVWR is 7,050. So we were 10 lbs over, not the 40 I stated in my earlier post. Estimated the tongue weight at 640. As an aside, I've since added the Andersen WDH to try to even out the axle weights. It was a recent addition and I've weighed only once with it and it made only a very slight improvement in shifting weight to the front axle. I'll be increasing the tension on the hitch chains to see if that helps. - Brian
  11. RB, thanks for sharing your experience with the 3/4 ton and I would definitely go that route should we ever end up with an EII. Having done my homework in selecting the trim (XLT) I think will serve us best for our EI - not a lot of bells and whistles but good payload, max tow package - I too was a bit surprised to be up against the payload limit. Getting rid of the rubber bed mat will definitely help. On the bright side, the time we were over payload it was only by 40 lbs and it was a "worse case" with full TV gas tanks, full trailer fresh water and LP tanks, both TV and trailer loaded for ca
  12. John, thanks for the Bedrug info and link. I watched the installation video; nice product - especially its light weight and the tailgate option - and I may end up buying one. In the meantime I’m planning to remove my current mat and see how my knees do with the spray-in liner underneath. - Brian
  13. SeaDawg, our tow vehicle - F150 4x4 SuperCrew - selection was likewise impacted by the (western) NC climate and its wintertime snow/ice. I’m pleased with the overall towing performance of the F150, plenty of pulling and stopping power for the Elite and with the 36-gallon tank and the back seat for the dogs it fits us well. Another pro for us is the 6.5 ft. bed. I’m new to towing so the backup assist comes in handy but I find I’m using it less frequently as I gain experience. The cons thus far: mileage and payload. I “drive like an old man” - may be because I am - rarely exceeding the posted sp
  14. Hi Bobc: Wish I could help but my parking pad isn’t level. As soon as I have it on level ground I will check the measurement and let you know . - Brian
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