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A list of popular 16-19 foot trailer weights


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Here are some current stated weights (UGW and GVWR) as found on the web.


17 Oliver Elite....3500 5000

17 Oliver Legacy.3540 4500

17 Oliver Sport...3100 5000

17 Casita Std.....2050 3500

17 Casita Dlx.....2350 3500

17 Escape.........2100 ?

17.5 Bigfoot......3200 4300

16 Scamp.........1750 ?

19 Scamp.........2000 ?

16.5 T@da........2200

19 AS FC..........3700 4500

19 AS CCD........3600

16 AS CCD........2800

17 AS Sport.......2800 3500

17 FR R-Pod......2200 3200


I have no idea if/which manufacturers give accurate numbers. Also, there is some degree of "apples to oranges" here, since I just took a standard model weight as given, with no attempt to do feature-leveling, except I picked the Escape non-portable-toilet plan. And I guess the length measurements could be done in different ways.


I'll probably dig a bit deeper into this, to try to more accurately compare models with similar interior room, similar self-contained ability, etc. But I found these an interesting start.

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That's a good start.

As for the Oliver, we've had our Legacy Elite weighed on certified scales. Net weight is just over 3500 pounds, and we have just about every option available, including solar panels and King Dome. Loaded for camping, with some water in fresh & grey tanks, and a full hot water heater tank, we weigh in at 3900 pounds or so, with an tongue weight within the recommended 10=15% range. Even with full tanks, which we carry sometimes for boondocking, the weight is spread out evenly over the length of the trailer. The tough aluminum frame brings down the weight, balancing some of the weight of the double hull, and allowing for more accessories, and still within the towing capability of a wide variety of tow vehicles. (We use three different vehicles to tow ours, depending on destination and who's travelling with us.) If you do a search , you'll find a thread on this forum with a number of owners reporting certified scale weights.

The Sport numbers look like a basic trailer number without accessories other than a bathroom and kitchen.

The Escape 17 you mentioned is a very lightweight, single hull trailer with traditional cabinetry and OSB board clearly showing in their photos. So light, that its roof will not support an air conditioner. The side mounted AC vents on the patio area occupants... I've never seen tongue weight documentation from an owner, nor an accurate scale weight on the other forums I visit from one of their owners.

From what we saw when we were looking, published weight does not include much in the way of accessories from many manufacturers. Oliver has changed their website specs to reflect heavy accessorizing, as most of the owners choose a pretty full package.

On another forum, I once found a list or an average of weights from a rally. I'll see if I can find it again for you. Scamp and Casita have increased their published weights over the years, but I don't know what accessories they include, if any. We had a lot of wiggle room, as our least capable tow vehicle has a rating of 4900 pounds. We've found that the balance, tongue weight, and aerodynamics come into play as much as weight. We lose a couple miles to the gallon or less towing on all our vehicles, very acceptable to us. I think that the rounded front and the cowl over the propane area make a difference. You can see that difference in the bug patterns when traveling.


Good luck in your continuing search. I know it isn't easy. We looked at hundreds (literally) of trailers, and did the spreadsheets, too, finally narrowing our search to molded fiberglass trailers, before we chose our Oliver....


2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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