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  1. We've done a bit of campfire cooking the past ten days. Today seemed like a good day for an all day fire, and pie iron brunch. My friend shared her hashbrown, egg, cheese, and onion casserole recipe. We added leftover diced ham and some sour cream. Yummy.
  2. Imelda, do you have 110 at the other outlets? And, are you using a campground electric hookup, or just your generator. If generator, what model? The more details you can provide, the better.
  3. Lbl is very pretty. We once had a lovely site by the lake. During happy hour, a family of skunks marched through our site, coming very close to our feet. Trust me, we sat very, very still. A really nice couple in a Casita were not as fortunate. Their little dog started barking and got sprayed. In a panic, they swooped up the dog and threw it into the trailer. Not only did they have to figure out how to get the scent off the dog, but how to get it out of the trailer. Yikes.
  4. It's a really big decision. We literally looked at every smaller trailer in the market, back in 2007. Still enjoying our 2008. Typing this as we're camped. About 24 weeks so far, this year. Look at width, and tracking, hull and frame, and look again. You'll figure it out.
  5. In all likelihood, running two high wattage appliances is too much for your generator. Try it with one.
  6. It may very well be your thermostat settings. There's a bit to read through, but if you have 5he digital thermostat (I don't) , you may find your answer in proper settings.
  7. We've been using these, plus refrigerator storage in the shop. I also put more expensive caulk in a big ikea zip lock. We're able to extend the life a bit, on many items, but not all. Little Red Cap Contractor Pack Caulk Saving Cap, Red
  8. @geokeg your comments will certainly help others with the earlier system, when someone in the future is searching. Thank you for clarifying which system you have. They change and evolve, over time.
  9. Coy, heartfelt thanks for the update. We're all praying for a good outcome, and good recovery. So glad Steve and Tali were at home, with good medical care. .
  10. Thank you for letting us know. 🙏
  11. I'm super excited tonight, because my best camping friend of many decades is here. We started tent camping, (in the 70s), did motorhome camping together, and last 14 years, travel trailer camping together, in separate trailers, on so many amazing trips. We both share other camping friends, and stories. It's a wonderful time swapping stories, and being back together. Tomorrow, newer friends (only a decade or so) will join us. It will be awesome, no matter the weather. We'll miss some other friends who couldn't make the trip this time. I truly treasure the friends I've made camping here, and around the world, and north America. We'll be missing you, @bugeyedriver and @JuniorBirdMan, this trip. We'll photoshop you into the group photo.
  12. Starboard is a great material, (and ridiculously expensive) where actually necessary, but tricky. It doesn't like epoxy. Mechanical fasteners have to be predrilled. For many situations, a block of wood or marine plywood is so much easier. When we installed our dc fridge, and drawer beneath, we used wood. We used wood mounting blocks for some electronics. Easy to work with, with simple tools. Starboard can release fasteners, as I've read, with improper drilling. We have plenty of starboard ,on our boat, but none in the trailer. Wood can be tabbed in with epoxy. Removing anything mounted with epoxy isn't easy, so that's a thought, too. Think everything through, before you decide.
  13. That's a lot of miles, on vacation time. Good for you.
  14. If I were attempting subzero in my older 2008 Elite, I'd camp winterized, and use a bucket or portapotty. No ducted furnace, in ours. We've camped with lows in the mid to high teens, in ours, but highs above freezing. No damage if we ran the furnace, and opened hull access, but it did burn through propane. Here's an interesting thread for you cold weather folks. Four seasons is one thing. Camping in cold is another.. Sub zero, is yet another, in my book. Not my cup of tea. We usually carry a gallon of rv antifreeze, just in case, for vulnerable places.
  15. We had the pleasure of camping with Mike D and company, including their really nice Lab. Their (really) big Lab is one of the nicest big dogs we've ever camped with. Got along great with our tiny dog. Obviously, it's doable. As I said before, humans and dogs adjust.
  16. Depending on the level of your wife's sensitivity, you may be best to watch for a clean used unit that has been stored inside.. Cushions, fabric, wiring, etc, can outgas. Fiberglass outgasses only until cured. Which is a very short time. My sister suffers from this sensitivity, as do I, to a much lesser extent. She bought a nice used rpod, a year or two old, stored inside out of season, and was ok. I get headaches, etc., from many chemicals, including epoxy and some paints. I've been ok in the Oliver. It's different for everyone, depending on what their sensitivity is. Good luck. I totally appreciate your situation.
  17. We, too, carry Rand McNally for look ahead. It doesn't give elevations. I've read on other forums about an atlas designed for truck drivers, that does give that info. Paper or download available. It's called Mountain Directory.
  18. Yes, those of us who know you realize that's not part of the camping vocabulary for you... We also know how much you've helped others with the parts and gear you carry.
  19. My good Sam's road hazard towing card. They will tow both the TV and the trailer tp the closest facility. Plus a jack and road hazard triangles, etc.
  20. @LCTraveler, thanks for sharing this great misfortune with us. I'm sure it will help some other owners in the future.
  21. There are a number if good brands. Our TST has served us well for a very long time, and their warranty and customer service have been excellent.
  22. Wow, good catch, Topgun!
  23. It doesn't have to be a small town, especially these days. Everyone seems to have supply chain issues. We don't carry much in the way of spare parts, but there's a bearing set under the seat. One of the few things that can really keep you "stuck" in one place. Fortunately, we've never needed it.
  24. Most of the other truly necessary gizmos are available at Hohenwald walmart, or tractor supply. What you want to buy ahead are locks, leveling system, and whatever you like to outfit the interior. My Advice: Don't go crazy. A lot of stuff is available anywhere, and people buy a lot of unnecessary, never used stuff, ahead of time. Try out minimalist camping. Then add.
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