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  1. The fuse is accessible without disassembling, which is another nice feature in ours. Less than $100, on etrailer. https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Vents-and-Fans/MAXXAIR/MA00-03810W.html?feed=npn&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Google | Shop - RV Vents and Fans&adgroupid=81219729010&campaignid=417623777&creative=404001548849&device=m&devicemodel=&feeditemid=&keyword=&loc_interest_ms=&loc_physical_ms=1026083&matchtype=&network=g&placement=&position=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmtGjBhDhARIsAEqfDEeBTUCRhW2dwZMF-AYYM2dLpNLgnV17aD5HcsrVq-qdF5xP-juVaNIaAirSEALw_wcB
  2. Wow. Great idea! And, it's quite beautiful. Did you build it yourself? Nice work! (Many of us do not use the television. I honestly wish Oliver would take it out of standard options, and make it an option. We have only used the TV a few times, in 16 seasons. If and when it dies, it will not be replaced.)
  3. We've had the maxxair for a few years now, with the led light ring. Best upgrade. (Our decade old ventline was leaking.) We installed the maxxair with butyl tape. Trimmed the outside with marine caulk. Love it, as you do. Love, love the light. Our handle release is more difficult than the old ventline, but we can live with that. It's a two hand operation. The fan is higher cfm. And very, very quiet. Highly recommend it.
  4. Anything under 41 is probably foodsafe. Where is your thermometer? If it's on the door, move it to the interior. Imo
  5. On my phone, I just touch the trophy button, and all the emojis pop up.
  6. Our smaller Houghton doesn't have one. I think the bigger Houghton has a heat pump. The Truma? I don't know. Heat strip or heat pump? @Patriot can fill us in, I'm sure. Will be good to know about features vs cost, etc. Would be really great if the freshjet hooks up with the condensate drain. Thanks, @Roadlotus, for asking all the questions.
  7. @Roadlotus, does this price include the new interior unit/Adu, as well? I usually see Dometic units priced separately, since many can be used with a ducted system. If so, that's a great price. (The Houghton we bought included both units in the quoted price.) @Patriot, I'm curious about the fiberglass work necessary for your Truma upgrade. It seems as though all the rooftop units and vents these days are sized for the standard 14 x 14 opening. What did Oliver have to do for the Truma? When we installed our Houghton, we had to file and square up a jagged corner or two, but that was it.
  8. And, we would be remiss if we didn't remember Tina Turner. We lost another amazing female performer yesterday, at age 83. I'm linking a video from just a few years back. We could all just hope that we'd have her energy and love at her age. You can Google a zillion performances of Proud Mary, but this is amazing.
  9. A member sent me a pm a few weeks back, asking about the "quote" function. It is really useful to keep comments and replies in context with the right post, and it's used frequently, but some folks aren't experienced in using it. So, for "new to forums" members, here's a brief "how to." Two ways to use "quote" on my phone: Quote the entire post (which is sometimes too much), click on the quote button on the bottom of the post, and the software will open a new post for you. Easy peasy. You can delete part of the quoted post, as you wish... OR, on a phone or other touch screen, you can touch, hold, and highlight the section you wish to respond to, and then select quote (not copy), and a new reply box will open with your abbreviated quote.
  10. So, we are (finally) getting an early summer rain storm, which we sorely need. Of course reminds me of one of my favorite artists. My little dog is so afraid of thunder and rain. Maybe I'll play this pretty loud on the TV so she can't hear the storm... 🤔
  11. The 2200 may be just cooling and dehumidifier, like the smaller houghton we have? European specs say it's good for trailers up to 7 meters. I'm looking forward to your install and review.
  12. That's indeed a beauty. Have you spoken with the owners? I'd love to hear the story of their retrofits/restoration. Years ago, at a Walmart in Ontario, we met folks towing a little Boler with a VW bug. Moved on to a Boler rally in Quebec. What some ingenious owners have done with vintage trailers (and tow vehicles) is truly amazing, and labors of love. I had two faves-- a Cameron towing a boler, both blue with a matching racing stripe. And, a pink 40s pickup towing a pink Boler. I'll see if I can find photos.
  13. Home is Florida. Camping property in western North Carolina, summer base in the mountains. From there, it's wherever we decide to go...
  14. The Dometic freshjet has awesome reviews in European and Australian markets. Your post is the first I've heard of it in the USA. I'm extremely happy to see it stateside, finally. (I posted a lament years ago that we in the US are the last to get the best in ac). Builtin soft start. Lightweight. Heat/cool/dehumidifier. https://www.diycaravans.com.au/shop/ac-unit-dometic-freshjet-2200/
  15. That was @LongStride. And that was a real mess. So thankful they weren't injured in the fire.
  16. I would honestly suggest that you hire a local tech, if you are reaching out with questions. If, you're not familiar with higher voltage wiring.. and, have him/her check the rest of your wiring. This is not, imo, an amateur project. No offense, if you are a pro. My husband was licensed. Many of the contributing members here are, or were.
  17. During covid "isolation, " we both lost weight, contrary to the usual complaint. I lost 15 pounds, not eating out. My doctor asked me how, and that was the only explanation. Well, also, that I quit buying ice cream, and desserts, and chocolate... that added/subtracted to the equation. What isn't in the house (or the trailer) isn't eaten. Without sketchy restaurant food, not knowing ingredients, we feel much better. Sorry for the thread drift.
  18. It is a big decision. We've maintained our Oliver with two coats annually of good quality marine wax, and even though it's a 2008, it looks great. (,(I also wax the interior, annually. ) It sits outside, 24/7/365. It is undoubtedly not as showroom shiny as ceramic coated, but it beads water, and cleans up shiny. It is, however, a lot of work, to wash and wax, and the ceramic alleviates that work for several years. Many of us are not so inclined to crawl around (and especially above) the trailer, in our "retired" years. It's kind of a "pick your poison" situation. We hired a guy to wax the trailer this spring. He did a good job, used our products, and, it will be fine. It wasn't terribly expensive. It also wasn't "clay bar" prep. C'est la vie. Works for me. Ps, any kind of trailer requires work (wash and wax) to maintain the exterior. Molded fiberglass, with marine gelcoat, like our Ollie, is good for decades, instead of years. Our 40+ year old fiberglass sailboat still looks like it's pretty new. Our 25 year old power boat, ditto. Take care of your stuff. It takes care of you.
  19. If you scroll down through the direct link katjo posted earlier, you'll see a 2023 in all its splendor. The empty frame for Oliver on opening was disappointing, for sure. Maybe it will be corrected. Great cause. I'm in.
  20. Tiered annual fee determines how often the application scans for last minute cancellations and availability, across multiple reservation sites. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/harvest-hosts-launches-campscanner-to-help-campers-score-sold-out-national-parks-and-state-parks-301827777.htm https://www.campscanner.com/
  21. All for a good cause.. $20 a single ticket, 10 for $100. (Enters you in all the packages, including a voucher for a brand new truck!) Thanks for the link, @Katjo!
  22. @Patriot recently upgraded his ac, and got the 3200.
  23. When we lose one of the furry members of the family, it is a devastating day. We offer our condolences, and hugs. I know it's never an easy time. Sherry
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