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4 our 2021 Elite II :: ? Pulling wiring/piping & Electronics Wiring ?


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(1) How difficult to future pull wires and piping/tubing ?

(2) What standard wiring is put in place in all trailer builds for electronics options even if they are NOT purchased from 'Oliver Trailer'. . . . Helpful to know for owners that might need to do aftermarket install of some electronics ?


- (1) I was wondering about asking for empty sections of PEX tubing to be left in place during the build as conduit for future installs of wire , tubing etc. / / / / Perhaps this is overkill as it might be just as easy for us to do ourselves.  . . . Any thoughts ? The stories about modifications and some pics and videos of the basement areas make it seem doable to run things in the basement. Wiring to the overhead / roof seems another story.

-(2) Electronics Options: Cellular / WiFi / Antenna / Backup Camera   / / / / / / /  

- - Looking at the current state of electronics both capability and cost it is no surprise to anyone that electronic things are changing quickly.  For example: WiFiRanger was bought recently  by Winegard and there are WiFi boosters in the Winegard lineup with integrated LTE cellular for a few hundred dollars. Keeping up with technology is a bit of a nightmare for a manufacturer and getting the most bang for the buck is challenging for the consumer. 

e.g. $449 Winegard , ConnecT 2.0 4G2+ (4G LTE + WiFi Extender + Over-the-Air TV + AM/FM Radio) for RVs (WF2-95B)  ( 16" x 8" , 3.7 lb) / / / / / This shows up on Winegard website as 'NEW' and as 'Not Purchasable' so I am guessing it is the latest greatest and is on hold for virus delays or some such manufacturing hold up, but it shows what is around the corner. Seems like one $500 item to replace three Cell, WiFi, Antenna gizmos totaling about $2000+. BUT  . . the 3 gizmos are available right now even if they are a bit long in the tooth.


POSTFACE: As we try to fill out our 2021 Build Worksheet . .  It seems that we have just missed the era of Wild West free-for-all factory custom modifications and are now somewhat locked into the standard configurations. It is understandable that as Oliver grows and services multiple markets each with their own regulatory systems they must to some extent standardize their products . Oh Well . . . So be it . / / / "Tell us again grandpa about when 'Oliver Travel Trailer' custom made this and that gizmo and modified such and such widget on 'Old Betsy' that we have known, loved and traveled in for all these years."

'There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us,it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us'

> 2021 OTT EII , TAB Teardrop has good home after 10,000 miles of pleasant learning <

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