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  1. What am I missing ??? There is: (a) an Active Link to the document that describes the Firmware Update Process. (b) A Dead Link supposedly to the firmware but the link text just reads 'www.xantrex.com'. . . . That was where I was when I sent a query to Xantrex Support and got a slightly-helpful response. I was expecting a link to a page that would show me Firmware revision history and download links to the latest firmware versions. What I got: Hello George, They are there but I do find that it is taking longer to load than I would normally expect. I'm copying the files into th
  2. NEWER Bluetooth Xantrex Controller in our EII. Bluetooth app (iOS & android // we-r-ios) is rather handy/powerful. Allowed me check firmware versions of controller and inverter/charger ........... and to set max charging current to a low enough value that running on long small extension cord is possible w/o excessive voltage drop. Hull#751 , 2021
  3. XANTREX :: There is a very helpful app that talks to the Bluetooth control panel and is avail for IOS and Android. ( We are IOS) The app allows easy monitor and control AND CHECKING FIRMWARE REVISION # !!!! I used the app to check Firmware versions and to set the max charging current. We are living at the end of long extension cord and by dialing down the MAX CHARGE CURRENT using the APP , we easily live without big voltage drops. Voltage as seen by the Progressive Elec Monitor panel the shines ever so BRIGHT RED thru the attic window every night so that when we go to sleep we
  4. GREAT idea, having an option to use the 'space between the hulls' as an HVAC plenum and thereby assuring the TANKAGE/PIPES will not freeze ! . . . . . It is worth mentioning that as long a Oliver continues to take very little or no care to clean the interior spaces, the living beings in the heated space using the air that traveled thru the 'vast dustiness' will potentially be exposed to rather high levels of FG Dust which will end up being 'Breathed/Worn/Eaten'. Next week we will be emptying the trailer and using big air extraction equipment/ducts, HEPA vacuums and attempting to vacuum/b
  5. Statement in title appears in the 2021 & 2020 Owners Manual but NOT in 2019 and not in 2018 Owners Manuals and I would guess not in earlier manuals. Seems to conflict with the following statement which is in the same 2021 and 2020 Owners Manuals. " USE ANTIFREEZE SUITABLE FOR DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH!!! " *********************************************************** In 2018 Manual the following statement appears . . . Note: Always fill the tank with clean drinkable water from a
  6. Still thinking about unused Black Tank: ( EII #751 w/ composting ) Motivated by dreams of extended stays at places with few or no facilities. URINE STORAGE ::: People generate LOTS of urine but 18 gallons of urine storage would last a while . . BLACK KITCHEN WATER STORAGE ::: We are trying to control the quality of the water in grey tank to make it less noxious/intrusive/nasty so as to facilitate disposal into the environment when necessary/possible. The water in kitchen is going into small dishpan in sink where fats/oils are broken down with soap and solids/particulates sett
  7. Thanks to all who have thought about and raised the issue of Electrical System-Documentation. We love Hull#751 but there are a lot of challenges that I attribute to "Production Hell" as Elon Musk said about Tesla ramping production. I am spending a lot of time fixing, cleaning and chasing documentation which I expect from Harbor Freight but not from Oliver. Hopefully the trials and tribulations of us 'Early Adaptors' will pave the way fora brighter future for those who come after. Keep up the good work. . . . . meanwhile I have to go back to tracing down the lack of power to b
  8. Lots and Lots and Lots of fiberglass dust . . . . it will be a big project to get it cleaned up. We would have been happy to pay to receive a clean trailer.
  9. Neuman's comments are 'right on the money'. Gelcoat on boats (same as Oliver) commonly can be buffed and waxed to like new for easily 25+ years. The next step is painting with something like AwlGrip or AwlCraft and your ready for next 20 years.
  10. UPDATE :: The RubberMaid containers can be used several different ways to make temporary doggy bed . . . . Thanks! I got the distance between hallway walls ( aprox 29") using the 3D Tour measurement tool and cross-checking/verify by looking at width of Std Layout table ( 29.75") which is wider than opening so as to be supported in the edge groove/slots. My first attempt to use the 3D measure yesterday yielded a 25" measure but that was at bottom all the way back where corners are all curved ???? 25" to 29" ???? ****************** end update ************************* VERY Helpf
  11. This picture is me ( Rosie Dog ) dreaming about the OTT EII we will be picking up very soon. ( early March 2021 ) My people friends ( George & Marybeth ) are trying to imagine what my sleeping arrangements will be and could use a couple of measurements that were not to be found in the Oliver University Measurement Document. I had a nightmare the other night that instead of being with my pack sleeping in a warm cuddly pile I was outside chained to a picnic table. Makes realize how lucky I am that while too many of my kin folk have to endure such challenging and sometimes dangerous cond
  12. We have fallen in love with the Lynx Leveling blocks and chocks. A pkg of 10 flat blocks that stack and interlock and a couple chocks that have the same interlocking fit. There seem to be a couple of popular brands but since we did our first 10,000+mi with the Lynx and they worked so well, I guess we are now Lynx-for-Life.
  13. Mostly just what 'Jairon' said . . . . . . . When the power factor is one ( 1.0 ) the electrical load is using all the energy. In a DC circuit ( battery for example ) all the current that flow through the load does some measurable work. PF =1.0 An AC circuit may be pure resistance PF=1.0 , like an old fashioned space heater that glows orange. Nothing tricky or weird happening there. All the electrons that flow through that resistance ( nichrome wire ) do work >> make heat & orange light and that's the end of it. HOWEVER, when PF < 1.0 . . . like a running a mo
  14. (1) How difficult to future pull wires and piping/tubing ? (2) What standard wiring is put in place in all trailer builds for electronics options even if they are NOT purchased from 'Oliver Trailer'. . . . Helpful to know for owners that might need to do aftermarket install of some electronics ? *************************** - (1) I was wondering about asking for empty sections of PEX tubing to be left in place during the build as conduit for future installs of wire , tubing etc. / / / / Perhaps this is overkill as it might be just as easy for us to do ourselves. . . . Any though
  15. ?? TWO Lagun Base mounts : both curb and street side ?? Has anyone (with the wonderful Overland designed Lagun base for Oliver Twin beds) installed TWO mounts for positioning table mount either on curb or the street side ?? All photos I have seen so far show it mounted on the street side We are just finishing up our build list for spring 2021 delivery of a Elite_II and as we prepare to order parts for a self install of Overland table base we wonder should we make two base mounts (right and left). The Lagun table is AMAZING and after about 15,000 miles in a teardrop with a Lagun we a
  16. On the list for OTT EII 2021 delivery in March. Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this topic, it has been much on our minds. We are planning on starting off with our existing 2018 Tacoma Long Bed off-road realizing that is not ideal for all conditions. (1) It's paid for, we love it , (2) Why rush into a major expense upfront if we don't absolutely have to. Give it a while to simmer as we gain experience with the OTT EII while watching others and looking and learning. (3) Our dream two vehicle at this point seems to be a 3/4T Sprinter long wheelbase 4WD and that's a big decisi
  17. >> How to utilize the existing black water tank (deposit liquids) from the bath/shower space in the case where a composting toilet is fitted ? (0) I am assuming that depositing partially treated urine or other liquids into the black tank could be a benefit in some situations. *************** I have the thought that a flat box (rectangular hollow and slightly bigger than the footprint of the composting toilet) can be constructed that :: (1) will increase the height of the composting toilet ( ? 1.5 to 3 inches ?) and I acknowledge the extra height is a challenge.
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