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Jeep towing Oliver

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I continually enjoy reading your blogs. Until recently, I have been sold on the Casitas, because of reading their blogs. Since reading oliverforums and your blogs, I believe I'm sold on the Oliver. From all the discussions, it seems the Oliver has more quality built into it. Guess a trip to Hoenwald is in order. I would love to locate an Oliver owner in the Louisville, KY area and converse with them.

Also, being a Jeep owner and lover, I am wondering if the 3.7l engine is sufficient for the 17 footer. I have an older Cherokee with the 4.0l in-line 6 cyl. It is still strong, even with 178K miles, but I love the 4dr. you tow with. I can talk the better half into upgrading as long as we stay in the Jeep family. Yeah, she loves it too.

Would appreciate any information you can share or guidance you may provide concerning the Jeep and the Oliver.



another wannabe--someday willbe.

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Our 08' v6 3.7 litter doesn't have the same torque available as our 05' straight 6, but does an adequate job. Having said that, it will not do what some drivers might expect. for example, if traveling at 70 MPH at the bottom of a long steep grade, out west, it may be traveling only 45 or 50 at the top, instead of the 70 MPH speed limit.

We accept that it will loose some speed on a steep grade, and we know that when we drop our Ollie at our base camp, we will be able to do what many other tow vehicles cannot, drive jeep trails, ect.

Our last towing challenge was Colorado's La Manga Pass, a 3000 ft climb in five miles, with the summit at 10,300 feet of elevation. A Spring time Chuvosco, soft hominy snow suddenly fell with an accumilation of 1/2 inch on the highway. We pulled over, shifted into 4x4 high range and topped out at 47 MPh in third gear.

It is the ideal tow vehicle for us and our camping style. From the sound of it, it may well work for you guys as well !

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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