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Trailer design Theme

Pat Maundrell

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We have placed our order for a new Trailer and are now in the phase of not only selecting the Options we want but also thinking on how to decorate the inside to personalize the trailer. I think we already have most of the RV stuff from older Trailers/MHs.

We are retired Sailors so we decided on a Nautical Theme, which should fit the Oliver extremely well! Many of our old Sailboats had white Gelcoat and Stainless Steel\Hardware with Teak Trim which we found really complimented each other.

The question is how to accomplish the objectives you want. Note, hopefully everything can be done without permanently damaging the trailer, i.e. drill into the fiberglass etc, this way it can be change back to suit someone else's taste. In our case, we plan on using Dark Blue fabric on the Dinette seats, (custom upholstery Job) with Gray Piping along with Dark Blue Bedding. We have 2 ZipDee Chairs for the outside, of course Dark Blue. Interior accessories include separate 3-4 inch Chrome Gauges Set, Temperature/Barometer/Clock, mounting location TBD, but probably on the Attic Door. The Bathroom Door Mirror will be covered with a thin White Formica (double taped on), and have a 12-15 inch round Marine Port Hole Mirror adhered to the outside of the door. Fortunately we still have the Marine Silverware and Dinnerware from the sailboat. Now for the Teak Trim, with a little luck I'll be able to make custom Teak CounterTops along with the Nightstand. The Dinette Table will be Teak with a Compass Rose Inlay in the center. The Shower will have the Teak Grate. We like the idea of the Lagun Table between the beds, Of course Teak Top.

I am curious what others have done to customize their Trailers.


Pat & Molly




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