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Outside shower question.

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There’s a small tube on the outside shower receptacle between the hot and cold knobs.  I’ve noticed a few small drops of the winterizing solution dripping out of this tube.  Is that normal?   I don’t see the details anywhere in the instructions of what that little tube is, or where it’s connected to.   Is that small amount of dripping normal?  The ITC webpage mentions that this faucet does have an anti-siphon vacuum breaker feature to prevent backflow to the fresh water tank.  So may be something to do with that.  



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I pondered what that was for as well.  I can't find anything definitive in writing that indicates that is the anti-siphon vent, but I made the assumption that it was there for that purpose.  From an engineering perspective, you need to introduce an opening to the atmosphere to break the vacuum in any anti siphon device.  That has been my experience anyway (almost 40 years in the commercial piping industry). 

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Mike and Yasuko

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