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St. Louis Area Mud Camping - Oliver is the envy!


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The other weekend we attended a regional burning man event in Potosi, MO (about an hour-ish south of St. Louis). It was a small camping event of about 100 folks held on private very primitive land. There had been lots of rain in the weeks leading up to the event, and potentially even threats of the event needing to be canceled due to the 'road' conditions leading in.


I use the word 'road' loosely, because they were no where near developed roads - just cleared paths through a forest. And they had turned to mud.


The rain had stopped long enough for the mud paths to turn to soft clay.. so they held the event, but would not be allowing most vehicles to the camping area, they'd have to be parked near the entrance and then 4x4 ATVs would be used to cart camping gear up.


Obviously.. that wouldn't work so well for our set up with the Oliver. But they said come on out anyway.. they'd get us in!



The path in was bumpy and rough to reach the check-in gate. And then the path up to the camping area was uphill along a mud path with several deeply treaded and slippery looking spots. At the top of the hill, they had a huge 4x4 truck with a tow strap ready to give us a tug if we needed it. A deep breath, and we went for it!


Chris maneuvered our Jeep Diesel 4x4 pulling Orion up that hill with mastery! The entire event staff had their jaws on the ground in disbelief - both at Chris' skill, and at how well the Oliver towed behind. When we reached our campspot, we had folks swarming by to check out the Oliver and it's amazing off-road ability. The 4" raised axle was definitely a hit, and Oliver gained a bunch of new fans.


- Cherie

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Great story! It speaks equally well for your Jeep's abilities too. Must be nice not having to worry about whether the tank valve assembly is going to get crushed on that next big dip, like on most trailers.



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