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Slow leak in fresh water system


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My 2021 Elite II hull #769 has a slow leak in the fresh water system. After returning home to Maryland when we picked it up March 31, I noticed a steady drip coming from the rear street side weep hole under the hull. I observed that a full tank would slowly decrease over a period of about 10 days from 100% to 25% full on the tank monitor and then the leak would slow to a stop. I opened a service ticket and Jason suggested that it was most likely coming from a leak in the fresh water fill check valve. He stated that usually the check valve only developed leaks from freezing. Since pickup we encountered no freezing weather. However, one week prior to pickup the Oliver rep. called and asked if I wanted them to dewinterize the trailer prior to delivery. I consented and  prior to pick up there was a cold snap which could have caused the problem.

I made an appointment to bring the trailer to Hohenwald for repair of the leak on 09/20. Due to a family emergency I had to cancel that appointment. Jason had told me that in order to access the suspected damaged check valve the floor of the basement would have to be removed. I asked Mike in service if he could give me instruction on how to complete the repair myself. He suggested that I hire a professional RV repair person to do it.

My questions are: Has anyone had to remove the basement flooring or had to replace or repair the check valve at the freshwater fill inlet? Is the flooring in sections? How is it fastened? What is the process for leak testing the freshwater system? If the check valve is not the culprit what are other possibilities?

If I do this myself or have someone do it, I am considering adding an access port in the basement floor 8-10" diameter in case I need to access this area in the future. This would be a plastic round marine type port similar in design to the one on the propane locker.

Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Elite II ("Miles"), hull #769

2021 Elite II #769, 2018 Toyota Tundra

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