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  1. I observed similar air intrusion in my 2021 Elite II when parked with the curbside to windward in a breeze.
  2. Interesting concept. It likely would require high ambient humidity and a significant amount of time and electrical energy to power it. Not practical features for boondocking. i would be interested in reading the details. A reverse osmosis water maker might be an option if you have a source of non-potable water and enough energy to power it.
  3. There is an explosion hazard if propane appliances are on when refueling. It is illegal to tow through tunnels with tank valves in the on position. Many choose to ignore these facts (I assume) due to the low incidence of actual fires or explosions. I have only traversed one tunnel several times (Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel). They rely upon the honesty of the drivers and don't do a visual inspection. Personally, I always turn the propane OFF prior to getting underway. You could winterize your trailer for towing in subfreezing conditions?
  4. If you've tried them and they make you feel claustrophobic a blindfold isn't the solution to your problem. My wife uses some generic version when she dons her CPAP for the night. It works for her.
  5. If you can't sleep due to ambient light, try a blindfold. It works day or night without modifying your Ollie. Many comfortable versions are available.
  6. I had similar concerns regarding separation of liquid and solid waste with our Nature's Head. It turned out not to be a problem. One of the greatest advantages is the amount of water conserved by not having to flush. There is also no odor. It's easy to keep clean with a spray bottle of white vinegar. When disposing of the solid waste there is a not unpleasant "earthy" odor. Urine capacity is about 3-4 days. I have a nylon tote bag that is used to transport the urine container to a toilet in order to be somewhat discreet about the process. For my grey tank I have garden hose adapters for both ends, but have never used a dump station because we usually just empty it in the yard at the end of the trip. When we set off on longer trips I'll probably have to deal with dump stations for the grey water. For me, the composting head was worth the extra expense.
  7. I use a tester to check the pedestal for polarity and ground fault prior to plugging in to avoid any surprises. Then I store the tester in a secure place. The onboard surge protector is all that is needed once connected.
  8. If it gets to the point where routine cleaning doesn't work, I'll go with the black. No problem so far.
  9. I have been using Star Brite Mold and mildew stain remover. It seems to be very effective at removing similar stains from my weather stripping. It's available on Amazon and West Marine.
  10. Our composting head when used per manufacturer’s instructions requires no additional chemicals. We have found that thoroughly wiping food residue off dishes and pans prior to washing them and using a fine strainer in the galley sink drain eliminates much of the organic material which could decompose and cause odors. When we return home I have been adding a small amount of Camco grey tank odor control to the traps. I usually drain the grey tank into the yard and it’s usually pretty neutral odor-wise with some slight frothiness from dish and hand soap.
  11. Is this a problem that has been corrected in the production of later models? My LE II #769 rolled off the line 03/2021.
  12. Polyurethane replacement bushings although stiffer are much more resistant to deterioration. A package of four is $4.75 here: https://www.suspension.com/9.8101 . I would check all the dimensions before purchasing replacements.
  13. The E. Coli is stored in the black tank. Definitely avoid drinking from that.
  14. Although often only open one or two days a week, we enjoy farmers markets for their selection of fresh local produce and meats. These are also good places to chat with the local residents and get some inside information regarding attractions and areas of interest. Often there are also local artisans and musicians exhibiting their talents.
  15. Does anyone have a recommendation for a Shop in the MD, DE, VA area that could repair a leaking fresh water system? This would require removal of part of the basement flooring.
  16. My 2021 Elite II hull #769 has a slow leak in the fresh water system. After returning home to Maryland when we picked it up March 31, I noticed a steady drip coming from the rear street side weep hole under the hull. I observed that a full tank would slowly decrease over a period of about 10 days from 100% to 25% full on the tank monitor and then the leak would slow to a stop. I opened a service ticket and Jason suggested that it was most likely coming from a leak in the fresh water fill check valve. He stated that usually the check valve only developed leaks from freezing. Since pickup we encountered no freezing weather. However, one week prior to pickup the Oliver rep. called and asked if I wanted them to dewinterize the trailer prior to delivery. I consented and prior to pick up there was a cold snap which could have caused the problem. I made an appointment to bring the trailer to Hohenwald for repair of the leak on 09/20. Due to a family emergency I had to cancel that appointment. Jason had told me that in order to access the suspected damaged check valve the floor of the basement would have to be removed. I asked Mike in service if he could give me instruction on how to complete the repair myself. He suggested that I hire a professional RV repair person to do it. My questions are: Has anyone had to remove the basement flooring or had to replace or repair the check valve at the freshwater fill inlet? Is the flooring in sections? How is it fastened? What is the process for leak testing the freshwater system? If the check valve is not the culprit what are other possibilities? If I do this myself or have someone do it, I am considering adding an access port in the basement floor 8-10" diameter in case I need to access this area in the future. This would be a plastic round marine type port similar in design to the one on the propane locker. Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated. John Elite II ("Miles"), hull #769
  17. It is a two stage regulator on the tanks which delivers 5 p.s.i. to the disconnect circuit.
  18. I used the Hutch Mountain kit also. There are primary and secondary regulators that come with it. I removed the primary regulator and added a 1/4" quick connect to attach to my aux. propane port and could not get it to work. When I use both regulators with the primary (27 psi) attached directly to the propane tank, it worked fine. What do I need to do to utilize the aux. port?
  19. We got a couple Front Runner Expander chairs. They seem comfortable, rugged and fold down to a very compact size (17"x17"X2.5"). They are a tad heavy at 9# each.
  20. Thank you John. That puts things in perspective. An inline fuse seems like a good safety addition regardless of regulatory issues. The build for my Elite II (hull #769) is just beginning. Picking up in March.
  21. If the fuse blows, wouldn't it happen only when current flows through it? This would only occur if the breakaway switch is activated resulting in nonfunctioning of the brakes as the OTT careens freely down the road disconnected from the TV. This is the first trailer that I will own with one of these devices installed so those of you with experience please correct me if I misunderstand how these function.
  22. Polly and I are recently retired Health Care workers from Saint Michaels, Maryland and we've decided to try the travel trailer life. We've done some sailboat cruising and see some similarities in the lifestyle. March 31 is the delivery date for our Elite II. Our TV is a 2018 Toyota Tundra with 5.7L and tow package. I have found this forum to be a great resource for information and have read it daily for over a month. I look forward to our new adventure and hope to meet some of our fellow Ollie owners along the way. Cheers, John and Polly Lacoco
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