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  1. We got a couple Front Runner Expander chairs. They seem comfortable, rugged and fold down to a very compact size (17"x17"X2.5"). They are a tad heavy at 9# each.
  2. Thank you John. That puts things in perspective. An inline fuse seems like a good safety addition regardless of regulatory issues. The build for my Elite II (hull #769) is just beginning. Picking up in March.
  3. If the fuse blows, wouldn't it happen only when current flows through it? This would only occur if the breakaway switch is activated resulting in nonfunctioning of the brakes as the OTT careens freely down the road disconnected from the TV. This is the first trailer that I will own with one of these devices installed so those of you with experience please correct me if I misunderstand how these function.
  4. Polly and I are recently retired Health Care workers from Saint Michaels, Maryland and we've decided to try the travel trailer life. We've done some sailboat cruising and see some similarities in the lifestyle. March 31 is the delivery date for our Elite II. Our TV is a 2018 Toyota Tundra with 5.7L and tow package. I have found this forum to be a great resource for information and have read it daily for over a month. I look forward to our new adventure and hope to meet some of our fellow Ollie owners along the way. Cheers, John and Polly Lacoco
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