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Repairs needed shortly after pick-up??

cate mathews

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I'm preparing to pick up my trailer in June. If you have picked up a trailer in the last year or so, please let me know any repairs or changes that had to been done shortly after pick-up, I appreciate your time and assistance. I'm open to suggestions, what do you like/dislike, recommend, not recommend. Thanks!
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A forum search for "delivery inspection checklist" will lead you to a thread listing items to check when you pick up your trailer.  Most of the items on the list are there because someone had to repair or change these items shortly after pickup.  That said, some of the problems listed are more or less one-offs, and many of the items listed are now corrected in the manufacturing process and/or routinely checked by Oliver prior to delivery.  But as with any evolving manufacturing process, new items seems to show up on a semi-regular basis, hence the ongoing thread.


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Ram 2500 diesel

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If at all possible, stay locally at a campground around Hohenwald for a few days after you pick up your trailer so you can make sure everything is working as it should, or for any additional training on things that you might have not fully understood during the delivery orientation.  Judging from the questions and replies here on this forum and on the Oliver Facebook page, probably half the issues that new owners (and even some older owners) have are user error.  There are a few campgrounds around there that Oliver can recommend.  



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