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  1. I know the Anderson system has been discussed at length for 1/2 ton tow vehicles, but I'm curious how many folks with heavy duty pickups (i.e., 3/4 ton) use the Anderson weight-distributing hitch. Do any of you use it?
  2. I am bringing some vinyl to protect the screen door when we pick up the the trailer in 3 weeks (we're coming with dogs). I hope to velcro, rivet, or even temporarily tape it to the screen door soon after delivery. What is the approximate size of the lower portion of the screen door? in advance, thanks for measuring!
  3. Here is a draft delivery checklist prompted, in part, by comments regarding a recent inverter-mount failure (see below). This delivery inspection checklist began with one used by NCeagle for his delivery, to which I've added items. The list is almost certainly incomplete -- what other items would you suggest to help new buyers? Thanks to Oliver for providing this educational ad-free forum, and to all of you for your forum posts that have contributed to this list. This open-dialogue forum is IMHO a huge asset to the OliverOllie Inspection Checklist (draft 4-9-2021).pdf travel t
  4. Kudos not only on the installations, but also on the thorough explanations, photographs, material sources, etc. It's contributions like these that give this forum so much value.
  5. Very nice work! Might you be doing some hi-lo temperature measurements on hot or cold days -- I'm curious about the temperature difference this will make.
  6. I agree with the previous comments about giving yourself time. We took 8 weeks on our last trip 10 years ago, and it felt rushed. The entire Alcan Highway has now all been paved at some point, and most of it is decent enough. There's plenty of gravel and stones to go around, searching for radiators and windshields, but Neuman describes it as being better now. Even 10 years ago, the road was way, way better than I what I encountered on my first trip in 1973 hitchhiking to Alaska. At that point the last 1,500 miles were dirt and gravel, and the road had many arbitrary curves (so that
  7. The short answer is that I did not find out earlier. The longer answer is that the 2021 "Optional Feature Manuals" in the Oliver University files include manuals for both Freedom XC (which covers 1000W and 2000W inverters) and a Freedom XC Pro (which covers a 2000W and a 3000W model). From this I'd infer (although perhaps incorrectly) that Oliver offers the 2000W Freedom XC (for AGMs) or the 3000 XC Pro (for lithiums) -- and that is why they include both the XC and XC Pro manuals. FWIW, I ordered the lithium package (and therefore the 3000 XC Pro), and am hoping that they get the error cod
  8. Couldn't agree more! Hopefully as winter turns to spring and the weather turns nice you (SherMica) will find some humor in at least some of your experiences -- experiences from which the rest of us can learn.
  9. I too appreciate that the forum has been open to non-owners. I've benefited immensely from the information that has been posted over the years, and from your willingness to answer questions (both on the forum and via PM) as I prepared our build sheet. Thank you to Oliver for hosting such a clean site, to you (the participants) for your ongoing contributions, and to the moderators for many hours spent keeping the forum friendly and on track. Now, back to the thread ... Stock Pinto? -- perhaps not so much. But what about a slightly modified version?
  10. Nice job! This mod will be high in my list later this year...
  11. SeaDog — this is a very clever solution; thank you for posting it. And thank you, John, for the tip about electrical conduit instead of PVC.
  12. A couple of weeks ago I was told (I think) that the dimensions are 20" wide, 14" deep, and 12" high. These are a bit different than the dimensions listed above (although perhaps I wrote them down incorrectly, or perhaps what I was given was very approximate). We too are skipping the microwave; a small toaster oven and/or small Instant Pot (for oatmeal, soup/stew, and perhaps fresh bread) will be more useful for us (at least when plugged in to shore power). Apparently Oliver is discontinuing the option for omitting the microwave, as only about 10% of buyers have chosen to do so.
  13. On 2/19/2021 at 8:28 AM (under the thread "Length of Sewer Pipe Extension Needed," John E Davies suggested (in regard to dust at the back of a trailer) that "Vortex generators would help a lot, but only if you never slowed below 30 mph😬." Have any of you installed Airtabs on your trailer and/or TV? If so, what was your experience? Less dust? Noticably better fuel mileage? Other?
  14. If Oliver would go back to installing a two-inch receiver on the back bumper then a person could use a standard hitch propeller. Steering? Well, perhaps from the flying bridge up on the solar panels. Stability? Someone (John Davies?) would have design and fabricate a keel to attach between the mudflaps. Sideways propulsion while docking? — perhaps the outdoor shower?
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