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  1. Forgot to add, Ram 2500's mileage (based on Fuelly.com data), for 2018-2020 over 3,423,331 miles is 15.0 mpg, virtually the same as the Sierra 2500 HD. The Sierra 1500 w/ 3L diesel tabulates at 23 mpg over 193,000 miles, although this almost certainly reflects a lot of non-towing miles.
  2. Nicole, my wife and I spent several afternoons over the last few weeks (including yesterday afternoon) looking at trucks to tow an OLE2. Perhaps the following observations (and search criteria) will help you. First, these are some of our criteria: (1) ample towing capacity for ~6,000 lbs trailer for extended northwest, mountain west, and cross-country trips (we've averaged about 2 months and 10,000 miles per year in our current Sprinter van over the last 13 years); (2) sufficient payload for trailer hitch weight (600 lbs), topper (~200 lbs), people (300 lbs), gear (~200 lbs), rock tame
  3. Please, keep 'em coming! With a few more mileage reports I'll update the graph at the top of this thread. Hopefully this will help those that are choosing tow vehicles for their Oliver trailers. If you'd like to submit mileage, please respond with the following information: trailer (i.e., LE1 or LE2), tow vehicle, year, engine, gas/fuel mileage while towing, gas/fuel mileage while not towing, the number of miles over which you are estimating the gas/fuel towing mileage, typical travel speed, and the region of the country in which you travel (e.g., NE, SE, midwest, west). I realize that
  4. For those that (1) find battery storage in an Oliver trailer to be too constrained and (2) have sufficient resources to really splurge... https://www.livingvehicle.com/models
  5. This may not be the right thread for this question, but here goes: I understand that the LE2 built-in solar charge controller won't control charge from external panels; it will only handle the charge from the built-in rooftop panels. External panels need their own controllers. So, is there a problem if there are multiple charging streams to the lithium batteries from multiple external portable panels, truck topper panels, etc., each with their own controllers? Where is the "gatekeeper" to ensure that the batteries are not overcharged from multiple sources? In our current camper (LE2 on ord
  6. Any chance, perhaps, of seeing some photos?
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has tested the 11,000-BTU Dometic A/A that is currently being installed in the newer models. Is it substantially quieter (or even a tiny bit quieter) than the 13,500-BTU unit that I assume KatanaPilot measured as "baseline?"
  8. It is clear that some of you have a very strong electrical background, but I needed some refresher to better understand these lithium battery discussions. So I’m going to try and re-phrase what I’ve learned from this discussion and Oliver. And, cutting to the chase, I’m rethinking the value of the lithium pro package. Perhaps this summary will help others. Warning: long post. Electrical current can be described with this formula: Current = “I” (amps) = Power (watts) / Voltage (V) By example, the current 11,000-btu A/C draws about 1,100 watts. If plugged in to
  9. Lithium Batteries in Cold Weather There seem to be 2 threads on this lithium battery topic (this thread and the one called "LifeBlue Battery Representative." Dean and I posted some questions about battery heating on 8/27 in the latter thread that went unanswered, but I received some relevant information from Oliver that I thought I'd share. This thread seemed like the better place to post. The LifeBlue batteries require heating when charging at less than 37°F. The only way to charge them at temperatures less than 37°F is with 120 V shore power (or perhaps generator). Shore pow
  10. I assume that Oliver was putting 13,500-BTU units in the 2019 trailers (is this correct?), and I understand that the A/C for current models is rated at 11,000 BTUs. Does anyone know if this unit is appreciably quieter?
  11. Thanks. What is a typical highway speed for you?
  12. Please let us know what your towing mileage is with this truck, and in general, how it performs as a towing vehicle. I'll add your data to the graph....
  13. To expand on Dean's questions, Does the warming feature trigger when there is a demand on the batteries, or does heating occur all of the time at temperatures less than some threshold (e.g., 37 °F)? In other words, do the batteries heat when the trailer is in storage below 37 °F or only when in use? If the batteries only heat when in use, then how do the batteries recognize "in use?" Does the heating stop when the batteries reach a certain low-voltage threshold, regardless of temperature? If so, what is the voltage threshold? What is the best strategy for maintaining
  14. I did find 2 postings for towing mileage with the OLE1: 13.4 mpg with and F150 V8 (BugEyeDriver) and 15 mpg with a Tacoma (Skalywag).
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