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Repacking bearings, how much grease?

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Our 2020 Oliver LE2 is 12 months old with 7K miles and I figured it was time to "repack the bearings." I watched the Dexter video and others several times, read through the forum discussion, gathered the CV-2 grease, brake cleaner, bought a small device to repack the grease in the bearing,  a set of Timken seals, and a set of Timken bearings just in case. All went very well. The current bearings, races, spindle looked good so I left them in for another round. The only question I had is how much grease do you put in? The bearings were well packed. I added a coat of grease to the the inner and outer edges of the bearings, more on the races, covered the spindle with a layer of grease. I added another dab of grease behind the bearings. It seemed to be at least what was there before if not a little bit more.  I know some said not to "over" grease, but it seemed vague to me on exactly how much grease to use. Tomorrow I will hook up the trailer and take it down the road for a test spin to see how it is doing (maybe 50 miles or so). Give me a chance to check the temperature, hub play, and re-torque lug nuts before an upcoming 1500 mile trip in about 10 days. 



2019 Ram 1500 5.7L V8, 3.92 axle ratio - 2020 LEll - Hull676

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