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  1. If the pump doesn't stop, then I think it probably is a leak and maybe a big one. Check under the curbside bed would be where I would look first.
  2. I was going to say if you leave the pump on for some amount of time and it comes back on without turning on a faucet, then it probably is leaking somewhere. Since you are cutting it off, the pump cannot come back on. It might also explain why you are getting the sputtering like there is air in the line. My guess is that one of the plastic fittings may not be tight. They come loose easily. Start by looking under the curbside bed for any puddles of water or even remove the bedding and open the panels and turn on the pump briefly to see if you see water. Maybe try tightening all the white fittings (hand tighten) on the pex lines under the curb side bed. Others may have some other ideas for you.
  3. One question. When you are running water the pump usually comes on to build up the pressure. Once you quit using water, the pump will then run for a few seconds longer and then quit. Does the pump ever come on without running water or do you typically shut off the pump afterwards?
  4. I had the same issue on #676 (2020). The crack in my shroud, like yours was at the screw hole, but mine did not seem to have as many cracks as yours judging from the picture. I bought a replacement shroud from a local Camping World, but have not used it yet. I was able to patch my current shroud using a strip of fiberglass drywall joint tape and JB Weld epoxy. I put the epoxy on the inside of the shroud, then layered the fiberglass tape on and more epoxy. It is still holding 18 months later.
  5. My understanding is the SkyPro is the external antenna and that is what I usually use. The Core I believe is an internal antenna. I assume you see a list of networks if you getting a connect button. I have attached some photos of my setup in the control panel. I updated firmware this morning since I was playing with it, so it may look slightly different, but should work the same. In the main tab you see a list of some neighborhood wifi and my house wireless (RNEM). On the WiFi tab I set up the Wifranger as RNEM-ontheroad and entered information on the order of connection priority. First my home wireless and then my phone. Other wifi connections I have made follow those and I remove them every so often.
  6. Are you able to get to the control panel web page? If not, definitely reset to default settings. Let me know if you have any further questions.
  7. Good morning, Yes red light #5 is on. I am actually routing through the WiFi Ranger currently. Included is a picture of what it looks like when working. My WiFi Ranger is on a 2020 model. The password for my model after a reset is changemenowXXXX where the XXXX is the last 4 digits of the WFRID. I would be glad to try to help in any way.
  8. I am not sure if this is the best thing to seal it with, but like I mentioned earlier, I removed part of it, then cleaned it really well and used Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. It has held up just fine for over a year and a half now.
  9. Thank you, I just adjusted the angle up a bit based on Mike's response. I will see how it goes next trip. The angle before was showing the bumper, now I have moved it up to show about 3 feet behind the camper at the closest. I agree the display size is pretty small.
  10. Patriot: Thank you. That was the information that I was looking for. Mike: I just adjusted it up a bit and I will see how that works on my next trip. Thank you.
  11. Out of curiosity, how does the view compare to the old voyager system? It looks like they mounted it in the same location so I assume it still points down. Does it give you better down the road coverage? On the voyager we don't really see cars behind us unless they are pulled up behind at a stoplight or something like that. I am assuming you would need to mount it lower (like bumper level) to see down the road.
  12. It is roughly 10 and 7/8 inches up from the bottom of the seam on #676
  13. We have not been gone for a month yet (several times for 2 weeks or so), so can't help you on all the issues, but here is what I use. Harvest host is a yes for us. Automatic drafting for utilities, etc I have used for a long time. International data plans for Canada we set up when we are headed there, then drop after we are back. Mail forwarding and lawn service we haven't needed yet. I have some church teens that would take care of the lawn if I need it and a daughter that can check on the mail occasionally.
  14. My seal was the same way when I got home from picking it ours up. I removed about half of it and cleaned it and reattached with some adhesive. So far so good. I wondered if someone didn't clean well before attaching it at the factory.
  15. I have had the same issue with the front jack. I am glad you mentioned this because I did not think to check the rear ones yet. I will do that tomorrow. Please let us know if you find get a torque value from Oliver. Thank you.
  16. I think I would have my alternator tested first.
  17. Sorry I wasn't more clear. The antenna has two parts, a base that mounts to the camper and then the actual antenna part that mounts on the base. I added 3 screws to where the two antenna parts connect to each other. The snap mechanism that was supposed to hold the two parts of the antenna together just did not work that well. I mounted the new base to the hull the same way Oliver did. If you watch the video they show how you are supposed to snap the two parts of the antenna together. I tried, but could not get them to seat properly.
  18. I have a 2020 trailer with the same Magnadyne unit you have. I purchased a new one and just replaced it. Like you said they only had a few of the white ones left. I may have gotten one of the last . My antenna worked fine until a few weeks ago and it was working and the next day it wasn't working. It went from 30+ stations to 0 without moving at the site we were in in Orlando. When we got home, still nothing. According to the technician I worked with over the phone you should get about 12+ volts at the wall plate, and also at the antenna. If you get voltage at the antenna when the red light is illuminated at the antenna, the antenna unit has to be replaced is what I was told. So I ordered a new one and it is now working fine. You are supposed to be able snap the top of the antenna on the base, but I was never able to get it to snap down. It would go down, but I could pull it up without much effort so I finally pushed it down and put some small screws through where the plastic pieces join together. I did not want if flying off while driving down the road. Below is a video of how it is supposed to snap down. Maybe you will have better luck. Let me know if you have any questions.
  19. I know this is not exactly what you were asking for, but maybe this will help some. Our trailer trailer dry weight was 5300 by the sticker. We purchased a 2020 with solar and 4 AGM batteries and 20lb propane tanks. Lithium batteries were not an option for us. I believe the battery weight is around 260lbs (~65lbs/battery).
  20. Yep, I had the same problem last year in the same location. Carolina wren's love a good protected spot. I got a cover for the A/C, and I haven't had a problem since, but they could still get in if they tried hard. I will see how it goes this spring. Hmm, maybe I should go check now! 😃
  21. Yes you can put a "Y" plug in the generator and hook the ground plug into one of the two receptacles and then the tool in the other.
  22. I also place the antifreeze bottle on top of the rear bumper rather than on the ground. Pump does not have to work as hard.
  23. Our 2020 Oliver LE2 is 12 months old with 7K miles and I figured it was time to "repack the bearings." I watched the Dexter video and others several times, read through the forum discussion, gathered the CV-2 grease, brake cleaner, bought a small device to repack the grease in the bearing, a set of Timken seals, and a set of Timken bearings just in case. All went very well. The current bearings, races, spindle looked good so I left them in for another round. The only question I had is how much grease do you put in? The bearings were well packed. I added a coat of grease to the the inner and outer edges of the bearings, more on the races, covered the spindle with a layer of grease. I added another dab of grease behind the bearings. It seemed to be at least what was there before if not a little bit more. I know some said not to "over" grease, but it seemed vague to me on exactly how much grease to use. Tomorrow I will hook up the trailer and take it down the road for a test spin to see how it is doing (maybe 50 miles or so). Give me a chance to check the temperature, hub play, and re-torque lug nuts before an upcoming 1500 mile trip in about 10 days.
  24. Mine is just under 7,000, but then I haven't had it a year yet.
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