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  1. I agree with Stephanie and Dudley. That is not normal. I have never seen anything like it either. My question would also be about the installation of the aftermarket window in the door first, then some other damage done to it.
  2. We have hull #676 with the Norcold 3-way refrigerator and usually have no problems. We do freeze blue ice to take with us to keep lunch cold. The only time we have had problems with the refrigerator cooling is when we are parked in the sun with very higer temps (90+). To solve that I added to fans in the upper vent to pull air up through the refrigerator as @dhaig mentioned. I also used the same fans as he mentions. For wiring I just connected to 12 volts and ground wires below and open the lower vent to turn it on or off. I have thought about wiring it up to the panel on the wall at the door, but so far I don't turn it on or off that much so I haven't bothered.
  3. You might try hooking up a hose to the city water and test for leaks that way. Maybe be prepared to turn off the water quickly. If you don't see leaks, then run the water from a faucet and see if it gets rid of any air pockets? Sorry I am not coming up with any other ideas at the moment.
  4. One more correction. Our Ram is 2WD. Otherwise it is good.
  5. The purpose of the flexible ducting that descends down from the fan and connects to the ADB (1st photo) was to keep the cool air from flowing into the area between the shells. I left it in place and just put the styrofoam inside it in the picture. It would allow me to remove it all and put it back together like it was originally in case this project did not work out. Like I mentioned before, I may redo this now that I think it is worth redoing. It would allow me to make a neater installation if the flexible ducting was removed.
  6. No, I don't think so. I didn't really test it because mine has never been what I would think as abnormally loud outside.
  7. I would be interested in hearing how this turns out.
  8. Currently, for me the friction, foil tape and the grid that you see in the picture. I started this really intending to put in the new Freshjet. When I saw the flexible ducting, then I decided to see if there was a way to make it quieter. I did not actually think it would make as much difference as it did. Now I am thinking, maybe as others toss out ideas it might just work to go this route. I probably will rework it some and improve upon what I did. Or maybe I will go back to the Freshjet option. The improvement is very discernable, but not nearly as quiet as some of the newer A/C models.
  9. Will do, I really like the idea about the rounded corners with the router bit. I started this yesterday not really expecting it would amount to any significant change. Now that it seems to be a possible solution I will probably rework what I did, but I wanted to get some other ideas before I start. So thank you very much for the tips. I thought closing all cracks and crevices with the tape should help. The varying thickness of the foam board was to come straight down from the sides of the fan opening.
  10. We have just returned from our month long trip out West and was beginning to put together a list of what I wanted to order to replace our Dometic Penguin II A/C with the Dometic Freshjet (see following article:) I pulled down the interior plastic air distribution panel to get a picture of the exact model number and verify that mine could be replaced before I put together a list to order. My son-in-law and I were going to do it. What I discovered was some flexible ducting that the jetstream of air was being routed through that had to be vibrating, rattling, creating all sorts of air disturbance. So I decided before ordering maybe it would be worth it to try and see if I could do anything to make a difference. The worst I could do would be to break something, then I would have another excuse to order the Freshjet. Anyway, I left the tubing in place and lined it with styrofoam blocks I cut out on my table saw and band saw (they work so much better than trying to cut with a box knife). My goal was to seal any cracks and make the path for the air to be as straight and clear as possible to prevent air turbulence. I included pictures of before and after below. So the results are not as great as what I expect you would get from the Freshjet, Houghton, or Truma, but I was surprised what a difference it made. Now I am at least going to wait another year and see how this works out. I forgot to get a picture of my phone of the sound before, but it was averaging between 74&75 dB. Afterwards under the same conditions (vent openings the same, phone in same location and orientation, and no background noise) the sound level had dropped to 67 dB which you could easily tell an audible difference. I am not sure how my phone app would compare to a real dB meter, but I suspect the 7 dB drop is not that far off. The other thing that was eliminated was the vibration the A/C seemed to have. If you have questions, feel free to ask, and if you have other suggestions, please do so. I am not a sound engineer and I started this just playing around so I am very open to other suggestions.
  11. It works fine for me from that location. Good luck!
  12. I did this, but I connected the TPMS booster in the rear overhead cabinet. I removed the whiteboard on the right to get access to the cables then connected the camera wire with the booster and ground wire to the ground. Worked without a problem.
  13. @dhaig, @CRM, @topgun2 Thank you all and others I may have missed. The additional pictures help a lot. I actually have the same Beech Lane fans so I was especially interested in how they did that. I will work on it tomorrow! We are heading to Colorado, Utah, Arizona in a couple of weeks so that will be a good test for it. Thank you again!
  14. Thank you Topgun, I have a 2020 and as far as I can tell there was never a fan installed. That is why I put in the 2 3.5" fans. Running on propane in the summer was not a good option for food safety. The picture does give me some ideas though. Thank you!
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