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  1. It was the HD. Here is a link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-20-Pint-Dehumidifier-ADEL20LY/310574305 The price was 159.00
  2. All the 2020's have an outlet there. I am not sure when it was added. The GE has a bucket and also the option to add a hose to have it drain. I am emptying mine every other day or so. I may shut it off when it gets colder. It becomes less effective below 41, but then the humidity usually drops when it gets that cold here. We are expecting our first freeze here next week. I think they are show 29 on Tuesday morning.
  3. I purchased the Pro Breeze 2200 for ours, but it would not get the humidity down below 60%. So last week I went to the local big box and picked up a 20 pint GE dehumidifier. The GE is a bit large to carry along on trips, but I am happy to report for storage it is working great. I have it set to keep humidity down to 45%. It dropped the trailer to that in less than an hour. I have had a slightly larger GE in my workshop for about 4-5 years and it has worked continuously without problem, so that is the reason I tried another GE. I don't know how Western NC compares in humidity levels with
  4. This place is on my short list now that we have our camper and is an easy drive.
  5. It is possible but I don't think so. I have an electrician that has helped me out some. I am going to consult with him on the problem. I would like to use the troublesome outlet rather than the one I am using now. The good news is still no issues with the second one. I have been gone for several days and just got back today. I still want to study up some more on the whole electrical (AC / DC Xantrex) system more now that I am back. I much prefer understanding how everything works. Thank you for your thoughts and help.
  6. I will put this on my list of things to check when I get back home. Thank you.
  7. The difference is that I used a different outlet and a 10 ga drop cord rather than a 12ga. I think there were multiple issues going on. At first the GFCI circuit I used was acting fine and tested fine. Later in the day as time went on it started tripping almost as soon as I plugged the system in. The other outlet in the house was probably not a GFCI circuit. I think the 10 ga drop cord also helped with the occasional power drop. It has run fine now for almost 20 hours with no problems.
  8. I think you are on it or close. Fortunately, I found the situation last night before the xantrex shut off. So the batteries got down to 11.5 volts. I immediately everything down at that point.
  9. In my case I may have multiple issues going on. After talking with Jason I purchased a larger (10 ga) drop cord and plugged it in to the outlet. That did not seem to help. The GFIC started tripping even more. Yesterday it did not trip at all. I tried moving the new power cord to a circuit inside the house and it seems to be working great over the past hour. My guess is the GFIC is bad and I will work on replacing that next week. In the meantime I am letting it run. Even with the Xantrex powered of with the buttons, it is still running and my best guess is that it must come on when shore powe
  10. Mine is the Freedom XC 2000, the 3000 comes in the 2021 models with the lithium package I believe.
  11. Susan, I am not sure on your question. What you experienced with your van was what I was expecting. I am not sure, but it seems from what Jason was saying it needs to be on continuously, but I am not sure. I am not sure I followed everything Jason said. I am going to read up more on the xantrex and look for a wiring diagram later, but so much to learn it is hard to capture it all.
  12. I have talked with Jason and here is what we have come up with so far. I plugged the trailer back in and the inverter came back on. I was using a 50 ft 12ga drop cord. With the inverter off there were no errors. When the power was turned on, it came back alive and the EMS eventually showed a PE4 (low voltage message). The microwave came alive and outlets worked. I am going to replace the current 12 ga power cord with a 10 gauge 25 ft cord and see how that does. I am still not sure why the inverter has to be on to get power to the outlets. I am going to have to study up on the Xantrex Inverter
  13. So far I have found the receptacle at the house tests good with CFGI circuit tester and I borrowed another dogbone connector and still have the same results. I checked the fuse/circuit box (DC distribution panel) under the dinette but I did not find anything for the outlets. I have not found any other panels. Included is a picture of the DC panel on the 2020 LE2. The CFGI outlet on the inverter seems to work when I power it up. The sun is out now and the batteries are being charged as a positive.
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