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  1. Fredericksburg is the home of the Pacific War Naval Museum also. I thought it was well worth seeing.
  2. I am not sure on the heater issue, but the best way to search the forums is to use Google Search with your terms for searching and also include: site:olivertraveltrailers.com/forums
  3. I have a 2020 LE2 also and I changed out the power board. It was not that difficult, just take your time and be careful. Mine died and was still under warranty, but getting someone to fix it was not possible in the two days before we left on a large trip. I just bought the board from camping world and it seems it was less than a $100 then. I have attached some Norcold pdf service files I found when I did it in hopes they may be helpful. Norcold Service Manual.pdf 525376907_Norcoldpowerboardchangeout.pdf Norcold board diagnostic.pdf
  4. It seems I had this same error code once when boondocking. When I connected to city water the next day it resolved itself. Maybe there was and air bubble or something that kept the water from entering the Truma when using the pump. Once it was resolved, it worked fine even when I disconnected the city water and used the pump. Not sure if that will help.
  5. Just another thought on the pipe insulation. I put it on also, not as much for insulation as for sound. At least in my trailer the water pump creates vibration and putting on the pipe insulation helps with the noise. One other thing I do is remove the plastic outside shower head make sure the metal hose is drained and shove it back inside the trailer. Even when I have winterized. I have heard people say that shower head is prone to cracking if it freezes.
  6. Yes, that is normal. I had the same issue when I tried to plug mine in at home. I had to use a non GFCI outlet at my house.
  7. I repacked the bearings last winter and they were fine at that point, but I plan to replace them this time around. I currently have 15K miles on the trailer and one more trip planned in a couple of weeks. I have the Timken bearings to replace them with ready to go. Like you, I purchased a bearing packer and it worked well. Also when we got our trailer I found out that the tires were not balanced. I contacted Jason and he said the tires were supposed to be balanced, but the supplier had failed to balance the tires. I took it to a tire dealership and got them balanced. I think it was something that was just related to the time we got our trailers. Ours is a 2020 that we picked up about the same time as you based on our hull number, 676.
  8. Thank you John. I expect that you are correct. We haven't found anything not working properly and it has been several months since we found it. Not even sure where I found it other than inside at this point.
  9. I found a Norcold service manual online and it says for the A Default Code: No AC power available to refrigerator. Possible reasons: AC cord is not plugged into power board or the F3 fuse is open.
  10. In the first picture the latch is out to the right (open) so you can connect. Once connected you need to pull it back in as in the last picture. It is just underneath the quick connect.
  11. My only thought is to make sure you close the small latch on the female quick connect you opened to connect your hose. You will not get gas unless it is closed. My apologies if you know that and have tried it already.
  12. No leaks and puddles is good. I am sure some others may have some ideas.
  13. If the pump doesn't stop, then I think it probably is a leak and maybe a big one. Check under the curbside bed would be where I would look first.
  14. I was going to say if you leave the pump on for some amount of time and it comes back on without turning on a faucet, then it probably is leaking somewhere. Since you are cutting it off, the pump cannot come back on. It might also explain why you are getting the sputtering like there is air in the line. My guess is that one of the plastic fittings may not be tight. They come loose easily. Start by looking under the curbside bed for any puddles of water or even remove the bedding and open the panels and turn on the pump briefly to see if you see water. Maybe try tightening all the white fittings (hand tighten) on the pex lines under the curb side bed. Others may have some other ideas for you.
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