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  1. We picked ours up back on Oct 14 and used the WalMart Pink antifreeze this winter. No issues with our filter housing so far. I will definitely add it to my list of things to check on though.
  2. I have the TST system and it works great. There are several that probably work well, but it is the one I ended up with.
  3. Andersen does not usually have a coupling link on their anti-sway and weight distribution hitches. My understanding is since the tongue bracket has to be installed much further back on the Oliver the chains have to be extended. I was able to find the following information from Andersen (https://help.andersenhitches.com/faq/what-is-the-weight-rating-tensile-strength-of-the-wd-chain) on the chain strength: 3/8" zinc-plated chain Grade 30 commercial 2650 lbs minimum working load (sometimes called tensile strength) –with 4x breaking strength Minimum tensi
  4. I didn't have them check the spare. I will probably remove it and have it checked sometime soon and if it is mounted like the other 4 and is better (needing less weight), I may just replace the bad one with the spare and use the current one as the spare. Does that sound reasonable?
  5. Follow-up on the results of getting my tires balanced: So I took my Ollie (#676, October 2020 with the Cooper tires) to get the tires balanced this morning. The outcome was three of the tires were pretty good and only needed about an ounce, but the street-side rear needed a whopping 5 ounces. Probably explains why I was seeing a lot of issues with screws coming loose.
  6. Did you hear anything from OTT? We picked ours up October 14 (hull 676) and ours were not balanced either. Are you able to pull your trailer to a tire dealership and have them balanced, or do you need to take the tires off the trailer and carry them to the tire store?
  7. The standard size that they install is a 2" ball.
  8. We have a 2020 LE2 picked up in mid-October. No wheel weights were added so I am guessing they are not balanced. The tires are Cooper rather than Michelin so not sure if the new tire supplier made a difference in whether your tires were balanced.
  9. I had an issue getting it to pull mine also when the bottle of antifreeze was sitting on the ground. I moved the bottle up on top of the bumper and it worked great.
  10. Hi, We just got back from a trip to FL and I am not sure you ever got an answer. If you didn't and it is still and issue, the way you lower the TV on th3 2020 is to push up on the TV a bit, then it will lower.
  11. I have the same issue with our Ram 1500. When we picked it up our Ollie this fall the 48" straight cable was not long enough to reach the hitch and had to attach to the chains. Thank you for the link.
  12. It was the HD. Here is a link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-20-Pint-Dehumidifier-ADEL20LY/310574305 The price was 159.00
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