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Shortly after Jugfest 09' broke up, our buddy Al went back to the lake with his grandkids. A lot of you will remember Al and His Wife Fran. He had left jugfest early to meet a couple of obligations and he just wasn't through fishing yet. One morning they found two jugs tangled up in a brush top. One jug was theirs. They had to hoist the brush top in order to get to the fish. It was a good one. It weighed a little over 50 pounds. Here is a look at it:


As the grandson took the photo, the fish bent the grabber/scales, got loose and flopped around on the deck smearing catfish slime everywhere. They released the fish but the saga wasn't over yet. Look at the blue noodle type jug that is still in the water. You can see ripples around it from the fish on it. It also is tangled up in a top and has yet another very large catfish on it. I'll bet we can get Al to tell us the rest of the story around the campfire one night at the Jugfest 2010. He, he, 100 pounds of catfish on two jugs all tangled up on the same brush top. Yeh, it will be a good story alright.

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