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HOW TO: Check your sewer grey vent under the galley counter top.

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This spring loaded one-way valve controls the grey tank ventilation. It is supposed to open under suction (like draining the tank) and close at other times (to prevent stinky odors). These are used in houses, and those are known to get plugged up. So you should perhaps check your Ollie vent every year or three.... especially if you are smelling the tank contents. You must remove the rear galley drawers - grab the two orange drawer thingies with your finger tips and squeeze them toward your palms, and lift the drawer up and out of the slides. The vent is right at the back upper corner:


The little cap/ cover swivels around, you can pry it loose with your fingers to look inside.


Push the plunger up and down a few times to make sure it isn't sticking.


Here is what it is supposed to do:


Here is an interesting comment from the Oatey FAQ about RV use:

Q Is the Sure-vent approved for use in a RV?

A Yes, with exceptions. When the RV is stationary, the Sure-Vent will properly vent the drains for the kitchen and bathroom. If the RV is in motion and depending on how the DWV system was assembled from the factory, positive pressure could stop the Sure-Vent from opening.

I have noticed a very occasional stink when towing in especially challenging terrain - very steep grades, lots of increasing elevation change and lots of hairpin turns. I am not sure if the gases are coming out of this valve or out of the sink drain...? Or if that is even related.

Amazon - Oatey 39012 1.5 in. NPT ABS in-Line Vent, Black

FYI, my vent was not even visible, the sewer pipe assembly was hanging down unsupported, this thread might be worth looking at:


At the very least, give the black pipe a shove to make sure it isn't flopping around, that motion can break glue joints.

That is a whole lot of info about an obscure little device most people don't even know exists...:) I am not even sure if this is mentioned in the Owners documents. Can someone comment?

John Davies
Spokane WA



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