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Inverter Issue

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Hull # 1045, picked up 3/10/22. Since purchasing our Oliver we have had the inverter trip 3 times.

The first time was 2 days after pick up. We had driven 6 hours with fridge on DC. At some point we checked the Lithonics APP and the batteries were at 66%. Got a hold off Jason. He sent sent me a screen shot of the inverter switch and instructed me to check it. Sure enough it was tripped. I re-set it and by morning we were back to 100%.


Twenty-Five nights camping without an issue until this week.  On Monday we drove 2 hours from home to the campground. Tuesday morning the 3 lithium batteries were around 44%. This may have been my setting the fridge back to DC even though we were plugged in to shore power. John Schneider was a big help and after a much helpful back and forth, he suggested I check the inverter switch. Sure enough it was tripped. Re-set and by early Wednesday we were back to 100%.

On Friday we drove 2-1/2 hours to the storage place. When my wife went into the trailer to off load stuff to take home she called to me that an alarm/buzzer was going off and the inverter screen was flashing. I hooked up to shore power and went in. The inverter screen was dark and there was no green light to confirm shore power. I went back out and moved the cord to a different plug. The inverter would cycle on, "0"'s on the screen, and shore power light on. Then a a lot of stuff on the screen, followed by 13.6 and the float number. Then it shut off again and recycled 2-3 times. I went under the bed and the inverter screen under the bed was flashing. I check the switch and it again was tripped. Re-set it and everything was working. I made sure the fridge was set to AC.

Mike got back to me after lunch and is sending me a replacement switch.


I'm new to lithium batteries and inverters. Is this common? Have others experienced similar issues?

I will replace it when it arrives. Looks pretty straight forward. I'll turn off the 3 batteries and solar and do the work inside at the storage place.


Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.


 John & Susan Dorrer, 2013 F250, 6.2 gasser, 4x4, 2022 Legacy Elite 2, twin beds, Hull #1045, Jolli Olli


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