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Rally Update


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Fellow Oliver Travel Trailer Owners and friends’

Earlier I posted that I and my two business partners of Happy Camper Solar would be at the Oliver Rally to demonstrate and provide information on our Solar MaXX products. Our plans were to show the Mobile Tracker and the rooftop tracker for the Oliver Elite and Elite II.  Unfortunately, a family member of our business tested positive for COVID.  As we discussed attending the rally, we quickly decided to do the right thing and not expose anyone to the possibility of being infected.

This will be my first time ever to miss an Oliver Travel Trailer Rally.  I was looking forward to again leading the Rally and being the MC for the Wednesday night Opening Ceremonies.  My conversations today with Oliver Staff and sharing the itinerary and program notes should result in everyone having a great rally.

I also posted earlier on Oliver Trailer Owners Facebook page and Oliver Forum that we would be offering a 3-year free electronics warranty if you contacted us during the rally regarding the purchase of one of our products.  Since we are unable to attend the rally,  if you contact us via the e-mail below, we will put your contact information on our waiting list for a no obligation purchase.  Due to supply chain issues and manufacturing backlog, we are unable to provide a product availability date. However, if you provide us with your contact information we will put your name on our list, notify you when we have completed manufacturing the products, provide you with technical data and a price as well as honoring the 3-year free electronics warranty from the date of purchase.  If you e-mail us with your contact information no later than June 17, 2022, we will honor the offer of a 3-year electronics warranty.

We were looking forward to spending time with each of you at the rally.  However, we felt ethically obligated to cancel our attendance for fear of a possibility of exposure to COVID.  I look forward to next year’s rally and seeing each of you.

Coy Gayle


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