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Water Pressure Problems

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I filled the water tank to 50% yesterday to test the water pump. The pump kicks on and supplies a steady stream of water to the kitchen faucet for about 15- 20 seconds then slows to a trickle, The water pump continues to run for about a minute, then shuts off. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the issue might be? 

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I'm no expert but I've read on the forum other posts regarding plastic shavings caught in the filter. You might try searching on that topic as I've seen pictures of location and what to look for. Hopefully this helps a little. Good luck! 

Alberta & Randy

2015 LE II / 2018 F150 3.5L XLT EcoBoost

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What you describe is similar to what happens when the pump is running then the faucet is turned off. A pressure switch senses the buildup of pressure and turns off the pump.  So maybe the water flow gets restricted enough that the pressure switches off the pump. I've seen very slow trickles that did not switch off the pump but maybe it's possible.

What happens with the bathroom faucet?

These are the first things I would look into.

Drain some water from the tank into a clean white bucket to see if any algae type of growth flows from the tank. It could clog the filter, faucets, lines, etc.

Check the water valve settings near the pump. I doubt this is the issue but it is a good practice to check them when problems with the water system occur.

Check the water strainer near the pump. Plastic shavings and other debris can collect there and impede the flow.

Take the aerator off the faucet to see if there is any debris that could block the flow.

If there is a lot of debris in the system you may need to disconnect some lines to flush it out.

If you can rule out a blockage by debris then the issue may be with the pump itself.

Jerry & Kathy

2019 LEII Standard #539 + 2019 Tundra Limited 4X4

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