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Closet Door Reversal

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Has anyone noticed that accessing the closet can be a little uncomfortable since you have to duck a little due to the lower ceiling near the door, plus negotiate the opend closet door. This is assuming your closet door opens to the left and your accessing the closed while standing inside the Oliver. Here is a solution that was not all that difficult, simply reverse the door so it opens to the right. With the door now opening to right it is so much easier to access the closet. The closet is also still relatively easy to access from the entry door step, but the main improvement is from inside. Big difference.


Changing the direction of opening simply requires the removed of the screws on the rear of the door frame. You'll see these from inside the closet. Remove the frames and simply place everything 180 degrees from where it was, including the upper and lower from sections. Removing the section opposite the hing is the most difficult, but should be occomplished relativley easily. Once that pieced is removed, the upper and lower section can be removed next, the the hinged section with holds the door. The screw holes will not likely line up agian, but I simply used the orginal self tapping screws to resecure the sections.

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It's unlikely many people will have to do this mod. From the day we picked up our trailer the right to left opening closet door was one feature that really bothered me. I wondered what great thinker had decided that was the proper way to install it. It was only after I met several other Oliver owners that I realized theirs was not installed like mine. I reversed mine a year or so ago although I didn't find it as easy as yours apparently was. I had to modify a couple of the frame pieces to fit into the reversed position. I agree that it was a most helpful modification.


When I was at the factory looking at the first of the 22 foot models rolling down the line, I noticed that the closet door in it was opening left to right and I questioned them as to why mine had been installed "backwards." They laughed and said that it was a little experiment to see if that configuration would be better since people could reach in from the outside of the trailer and get something from the closet. I've never tried to do that and can't think of a time when it would be useful. Anyway, the guys at the factory stated that they went back to the original arrangement when there had been complaints. They didn't know how many had been turned around. You and I may have had the only ones done this way.

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