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  1. I'm happy to hear you got good service from eTrailer. I ordered a new MaxxFan Deluxe from them a year or so ago simply because it was a few dollars cheaper than Amazon and had free shipping. When It came in and I installed it, there was a problem and it would not work. When I call eTrailer to see about an exchange, I was informed that it was now considered a warranty issue and I would have to contact and deal with MaxxAir myself as they did not do exchanges or returns on warrantied products. As The Who said in 1971, I ... 'Won't Get Fooled Again'
  2. Over the past 16 years, I've been taken to many nooks and crannies in that building. It's so vast that you really need a golf cart to easily get around. I've even spent a couple of nights inside a while back when they were doing service on my Hull #050. It's kinda creepy inside it at night when you think you're all alone and yet you hear voices beyond and above you. Turned out it was something completely normal and not evil boo hags or haints, apparently the resident poltergeists keep those away. I have never asked what percentage is not being used, but now that service has left for the new service center away from the factory there is that area that could be utilized. I would guess they are using about 2/3-3/4 of their floor space.
  3. That's exactly what I meant by, "...as big as they deem practical."
  4. It’s the plugs that cost the money. The ones for the LEII were $1M each x four. The bigger plugs for a larger trailer would probably cost even more. From the plugs they make a mold. Each mold is good for just so many hull pulls. After each mold’s useful life is gone, it is scraped and another one built. As new exterior or interior changes are made to the hulls, the plugs are modified to include these changes in future builds. They could build a trailer as big as they deem practical.
  5. There’s 800,000 square feet in their factory building. Jim Oliver was forward thinking man as are his sons that are currently running the businesses he left behind. There’s plenty of room for future expansion if they so choose.
  6. @MAX Burner After seeing and operating your door at Q a few weeks ago, I’m convinced it would take a 40 mph wind to move the door and equally convinced it would never be slammed or jerked out of your hand by less than hurricane force winds. Another owner showed up the day after you left with an uninstalled set of these hinges. They were so tight I could not open them with my hands. @jd1923 I agree with your assessment about the lack of holes in one half of the hinge.
  7. Those are nice suspenders. But will they hold your britches up?
  8. When we added our BB Lithium batteries a couple of years ago I also replaced the PD4045 45 Amp charger that was installed in our Hull #050 back in 2014. I have been satisfied that it is doing a good job for us. When the BB’s voltage drops and it is in bulk mode our Blue Sky IPN Pro indicates it is delivering 43+ amps to the batteries.
  9. I built this gadget to lift the 75 pound wheel and tire on and off the trailer. I couldn’t come close to putting a mounted tire onto the hub. With this thing, even Tali can take them off and remount them. I built it for under $50.
  10. We’ve had the exact same model Dometic 3-way fridge in both of our Oliver’s since 2008. We have never experienced an altitude issue in either of them. Ninety percent of the time thy have run on propane. I suppose the longest boon-docking run for us was in 2019 on a 15000 mile trip to Alaska.
  11. We got 7 years out of the original AGM’s that came in Hull #050. At home it was always plugged in and on the road the solar took care of it, always returning them to full charge everyday. I would never turn any of the chargers off.
  12. I got to meet both Magnus and Oscar in Q. They are the coolest dogs.
  13. I’ve had four different tow vehicles. Finally found the one that works for us. @HDRider thanks for doing this but please list which model trailer the owner is towing in your results.
  14. The problem you and I and all the early owners are always going to have is the rear inset and cover are too small to accept a tire like those that originally came with our trailer. Now that they’ve gone down to a 15” wheel as standard (WTH is up with that?) and if you’re interested in going to a smaller wheel and tire the spare probably would fit under the cover. I wish 18” tires would fit the trailer, then the tires on the 3500 Silverado and the Oliver could interchange.
  15. @Rivernerd is a retired attorney. I suspect he knows what’s up.
  16. In Hull #050 it is a 3” bathroom vent with the two cabin vents being 4”.
  17. ScubaRx


    Are coming to the rally as usual? If so, and it is still not repaired, I will personally take care of it for you. We might just make it a ‘how to’ demo for the group to watch and learn from. We can do it down at the Buckeye pavilion. Let me know.
  18. All the cool kids will be at Dome Rock. We are at 33.64345° N, 114.30113° W.
  19. I think all of this is acceptable. We just spent 4 days in sub freezing temps including a cold night on the I-210 bridge 140 feet above Lake Charles in Louisiana. I don’t recommend traveling with zero water in the fresh tank. We started out with clear water lines and nothing in the fresh but a full water heater tank. I was a little concerned about the WH but we filled up with water yesterday and fired it up with no problems. If you’re concerned about the water freezing in your fresh tank, study up on the thermodynamics of water freezing. I’d be more concerned with a full tank than a half tank.
  20. I can count the number of power outages that we’ve had lasting more than 5 minutes at our home on one hand. That includes all the tornadoes and ice storms we have. And that’s over a forty year period. Almost all the power losses I’ve ever incurred have been due to squirrels shorting the breaker on a pole right in front of our house or some bonehead driving a vehicle through the neighborhood that is too tall to pass under the lines and pulls one down. Have you ever seen a squirrel that has been turned inside out?
  21. I don’t see why. The front axle weight rating of any vehicle that would serve as a decent tow for an Oliver would likely support the weight of a motorcycle much less that of a couple of bicycles. You can see them while driving so you don’t end up at your destination sans bikes like one owner reported to me. They don’t block the rear trailer lights so than problem is eliminated. I’m unclear on what the cost of the bike has to do with the best place to carry it. My last resort location would easily be in between the truck and trailer.
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