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  1. I guess we never worry about our bathroom vent popping open as many times I’ll leave it open with the rear windows open a bit to let air flow through while traveling down the road.
  2. Made me wanna throw up watching all that. Approx 1 mile/Kw, Over an hour to get enough juice to go another 100 plus miles, having to unhook in most cases. I'll stick with our big boy diesel. I'm not really concerned about the price of fuel, I planned for this lifestyle for nearly 20 years and calculated fuel at $5.00/gal into those plans. Load up....
  3. The castle nut should never be tight enough to not be able to be removed by hand. But, I believe a 1-3/16” will work.
  4. Our truck keeps up with it and tells me when it is due.
  5. Have you noticed that when the tow/haul mode is engaged, the last gauge changes from an amp meter to transmission temperature?
  6. Take a look at this article. Substitute “trailer”every time it says “home.” https://www.thedrive.com/
  7. After futzing around with the leaking high marker light for about three years, I finally dug all the caulking out from around the lens. After bedding it in butyl tape I re-caulked it and thought everything was fine. This was all done in a campground in Idaho several years ago. The next rain proved that it was not fine and upon closer examination, I discovered water was still coming around a marker light adjacent to the lens. Rather than trying to get it out and caulk around it, I just covered the inside of the fixture with caulk. Five years and not a drop since. I would not fool with trying to remove one of the markers lights unless I was going to have to replace it.
  8. This may be the answer to the problem of not enough charging stations. https://iplayerhd.com/player/video/dae6a69a-adb1-4692-aaba-cff7e6bcd493
  9. We weighed our truck and trailer on the way back from the Rally last month. It came in just under 18,000 pounds. No matter which one of us is driving, Tali and I have agreed to rarely swerve to miss something. A woman pushing a baby carriage, Sasquatch or a VERY large tree would merit a reasonable evasive maneuver. A bicyclist in the middle of the road or an animal weighing less than 500 pounds will be evaluated on an individual basis. Most of us have upwards of $150K to $200K invested here. A $.50 cat goes into $200K one time with nothing left over. We did have mule deer to cross in front of us in Colorado the other day. Standing on the brakes and sitting on the horn enabled it to clear the guard rail on the outside of the road, we missed him by about two feet. Be careful out there…
  10. This setup would not work with any of the older Elite II’s as the opening into the pantry is much larger and opening the door would hit the toaster.
  11. I mounted my signal booster inside the bathroom vanity attached to the front wall. I drew power from the switch that turns the camera on. Our new truck monitors the trailer tires as well as its own so I removed it all and sold it to a new owner
  12. I put a Hub Odometer on our first Oliver and then moved it to our current Oliver. It quit about 5-6 years ago. The battery inside died and is not replaceable. Our new 2022 Silverado 3500 HD keeps up with the trailer mileage now anyway.
  13. Sorry KP, I was just baiting you and everyone else. We all know what happened 18 months ago. I don’t like it either.
  14. Gladiator as a tow for Elite II 👎🏼
  15. Yeah, I agree. What do you think happened?
  16. I always describe pulling a trailer as moving a 6.0 earthquake through a Cat 1 hurricane. Screws and nuts will loosen over time. You could spend days trying to check them all. Usually I just fix things if they break, hopefully ending up with a better fix than original. There is one item I encourage everyone to check now. IF you trailer has an additional electrical port (for a generator hookup) you will have a transfer switch located underneath the left dinette seat. Unplug the trailer from power, take the top off the transfer switch box and check every screw in the terminal block. If a screw becomes loose, the resistance in that wire goes up and the result will be, at the least, a cooked wire and terminal block. Or it will catch fire a burn the trailer (and possibly any occupants) up. I repaired this problem on a trailer at the rally and it was very nearly at the point of combustion.
  17. Any information that is added to your signature will show up at the bottom of each post.
  18. I discovered that both of my rear jacks were missing two of their three set screws. No wonder my jacks would no longer lift the side of the trailer! I replaced them and now the jacks will lift the full weight of the trailer again. Those rear jacks are made special for Oliver by Barker. There is a side plate welded to the outer tube for mounting purposes and there is no control head. I think the screws will eventually loosen and fall out. I know that’s what happened in my case. I’ve had the jacks in and out too many times for rebuilding and I think I would have noticed them being missing.
  19. There have been other threads concerning this issue. I don’t think there’s any way to get the full 7200 watts as 120 volts.
  20. Newpowa is now providing a 210W 12V High Efficiency Monocrystalline 12V Panel. The newer lithium packages will contain two of these panels (or something equivalent). They have finally dropped the old PWM Zamp equipment for Victron MPPT Controllers.
  21. Have you tried just turning on a faucet? Even with the pump on, the water will not run if it doesn’t sense a change in water pressure.
  22. There isn’t an issue. Looking back at my post, I realize that I wasn’t very clear on what I considered “not a grand idea” I was referring to telling the company. Using two could make diagnostics a little more difficult if only one failed.
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