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  1. That is by far the simplest way to do it. Messy, but only needed the first time.
  2. Sounds like you preformed a refrigerant equivalent of the Canalith Repositioning Procedure. I’m impressed. That was a bold move and I’m really glad it worked for you. Do you have any idea what might have caused the original problem?
  3. My guess is it’s toast. Based on the year of your trailer it could have easily been manufactured 5 years ago.
  4. I know, there was supposed to be a space between them. Kinda makes you cross-eyed. I'll see if I can fix it. You need to be in bed it's past your bedtime.
  5. This will help you get a better idea of what I did. This install was done on our previous 2017 Silverado 2500HD with a Lear topper. A couple of weeks ago we took delivery of a 2022 Silverado 3500HD. The old topper will not fit so this will all be moved to a new one when it comes in. The yellow box is a programmable timer to cut power to the router after a selected time period. I found that it would run down both batteries with its 'constantly on' state if the truck is not cranked every 3-4 days. I set it to 4 hours and that has worked well for us. When camping, if we are going to stream movies at night I just crank the truck and let it run for a minute to let everything boot up. If we need it longer than that time, I just crank the truck remotely and start over. Inside the Topper... On the roof of the Topper...
  6. You can easily fit three Battle Born's in the tray. There are a few owners out here that have done just that.
  7. I'd ask the folks at Progressive Dynamics Customer Service 269-781-4242. I have one of the Remote Pendants for the Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power PD9200 Series Converters. It's yours for the asking if you find it will work for you.
  8. I've a Cradlepoint system for five years. As Mike stated, I did my own install. However, I chose to mount it on our tow vehicle rather than the trailer. When we're in the truck we don't always have the trailer, but when we have the trailer the truck is always with us. This way you can use the system when you're not towing. We have a single SIM, IBR600 router and a multi-antenna dome mounted on the roof of the truck topper. The system they are installing consists of a Cradlepoint IBR900-120B router and is paired with a roof mounted omni-directional Taoglas MA1506.AK.001 Antenna. In talking to the plant manager the other day, the Cradle Point system will be offered on the 2022 models.
  9. Can you provide links to the appropriate male and female connectors please?
  10. Oliver has traditionally used yellow as their ground wires and purple as the positives. The wiring of the Voyager camera comes through the body into the upper rear cabinet. The white "bubble" insulation covers the wiring, just pull it down to access, it goes back up with a light application of spray adhesive. Grounding for the camera is likely done in the attic whereas the positive wire will run forward to the switch that controls power to the camera.
  11. We ordered a new truck in the middle of June. We got it a little over a week ago. I replaced our 2017 Silverado 2500 HD with a Silverado 3500 HD. The reason for my decision was to increase the payload capacity of our tow vehicle. For those of you who know us personally, you've seen all that we carry. For those that we've not had the pleasure to yet meet, suffice it to say that the load is legendary. I'll never be accused of minimalism and when it comes to my stuff, like the American Express advertisements of old, I... "don't leave home without it..." The 2500 HD had a cargo capacity of 2110 pounds, But, upon taking into account the topper, front hitch, two tier bed slide, Dometic fridge, a rather large tool box, two adults, three dogs, hitch, tongue weight and THEN all the assorted accoutrements of camping, we found ourselves about 500-600 pounds overweight. The new truck has taken care of that deficit and them some. As far as the price went, being a 2022, we did not know what it would cost at the time we ordered it. I had gone online and "built" a 2021 to the same specs but in June, there was no provision to spec out a 2022. But, everything I read said not to expect the price to go up too much for the model year change. When the truck arrived it was essentially the same price as the previous year model. The salesman had told me not to expect any rebates and incentives as none of the different manufacturers were offering any. But the owner of the dealership in Memphis is a lifelong friend of my son-in-law and he gave me a good deal. With our trade in we got out the door for about twice what a new Ferrari 275 GTB would have cost you in 1965. Now "all" I've got to do is re-install all the gear that came from the old truck into the new one.
  12. How is this determined? The human ear's response to sound level is roughly logarithmic (based on powers of 10), and the dB scale reflects that fact. An increase of 3dB doubles the sound intensity but a 10dB increase is required before a sound is perceived to be twice as loud.
  13. Scott Oliver and I had a long conversation the other night about ditching the Zamp stuff and going to all Victron. He agreed that it would be a step in the right direction. We'll see...
  14. I would look at a half ton pickup (1500, F150 etc.) Personally, I prefer the crew cabs but there are other options. Make sure it has the best tow package the manufacturer offers. Towing capacities of any of the Big 3 will be more than adequate for an Elite. Payload capacity is always a concern, but you now know how to determine that. Most all late model trucks will have a factory installed brake controller. You have made a wise decision and I promise you that you will not regret it. Others will chime in with their ideas. Consider them all and ask about anything you’re not comfortable or unsure with.
  15. You are correct. The gray tank vents back through the drain pipe from the shower and lavatory. It is tied to the outside vent pipe under the closed up vanity, then going through the wall into the closet and up through the roof. Closing the shower drain has no effect here because it can still vent through the AAV.
  16. Agree with me or not, I don’t have a dog in this race. My only point is that I believe that this is a terrible choice for a tow vehicle for an Oliver. The numbers bear that out and after towing our two Oliver’s over 150K miles during the past 14 years using five different tow vehicles, I believe I’m qualified to know what it takes to do it safely. My goal is to always help new owners and potential owners from making very costly mistakes (like I did) because many times they simply don't know what all is needed in order to make wise decisions.
  17. Make sure when parking the trailer that it is 90 degrees to the sun. Otherwise, the original panels, being mounted higher, will cast a shadow on the new panel. As you probably already know, if you cover any part of a solar panel from the sun, it will cut the output by half.
  18. I will reiterate the discussion we had on Facebook in this thread... As Sherry stated ..."You can easily keep an Elite to under 4500 pounds..." You can, but just barely. A fully loaded, ready to camp Elite will weigh over 4000 pounds. Your tongue weight will be over 400 pounds. The only way to know an exact weight will be to load it up and use a tongue scale to measure it. You're very close to your max tow and max tongue weight capacities. You state your cargo carrying capacity to be 900 pounds. You state your passenger weight to be 320 pounds. Adding the tongue weight (400 pounds min) to the passenger weight (320 pounds) = 720 pounds. Make sure you remember to subtract the weight of your hitch and ball. This leaves you less than 180 pounds for camping gear. One thing you didn't mention but would be a deal breaker for most is your fuel capacity and towing MPG. That vehicle has less than a 15.8 gallon capacity and a combined MPG of 21. Cut that number in half for estimated towing MPG. You will be stopping for gas in a little over 100 miles each time. There will be many places that are too far between services for you to go. As I stated in our FB conversation, I believe this vehicle to be extremely marginal at best and without very careful attention to loading may actually become unsafe. You need to consider a more capable tow vehicle to be legal and safe.
  19. It would not have any problem putting a charge into the batteries. How long it would take to fully charge them will be dependent on several factors.
  20. Actually, it is a major effort to increase production and efficiency on the line. Without these changes they might be in the same boat as Escape TT, a 23 month waiting period. They are currently building six per week with plans to be at seven by year end.
  21. This sounds like fun. Tali and I will plan to attend and I'll finally get Florida on my travel map. We will be in Site # 083.
  22. The water pump comes on in response to the change in water pressure when a faucet is turn on. Since when connected to city water you would normally have the power to the water pump turned off water is supplied from the city's water pressure. However, IF you are connected to city water AND you have water in the tank AND the water pump is on, you're still going to get water when a faucet is turned on. You can tell which system is active by listening for the water pump to kick on. But, doing so may cause a disruption in the space-time continuum, make the tides reverse and start a chain reaction. I'm not sure.....
  23. How could anyone be dumb enough to drive over a Nikon? Or, better yet, two of them at the same time.
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