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Knife block


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I finally found a drawer organizer that fits the utensil drawer in the Oliver that I'm happy with, except for one thing: There's no room for my kitchen knives. (I had an insert that held the knives separate so they wouldn't loose their edge, but it took up half the drawer.)


Looking around for an alternative place to put them, I hit upon the tall drawer below the sink. Perfect! It's right next to the cutting board I put in above the refrigerator where the knives would be used. Using some of the pine butcher block material left over from the cutting board, I made a knife block to fit in the front of the drawer that will hold one large and two medium kitchen knives.




Right now it's just squeezed in tight between the two walls. If it doesn't shift around, I'll leave it that way to minimize alterations to the drawer.

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That's a great idea... no more knives rattling around in the drawer. Looks wonderful, too. Nice work!

I use the tall drawer for my saucepan and skillet, cooking utensils, and tall items like rolls of aluminum foil. Placing a knife block in there as you did would put all the cooking gear together nicely.


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