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Batteries and winter storage?

RG 4Alaska

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Newbie here.  2018 legacy 2 with Trojan T-105s and solar package.  We plan to store for winter (October thru mid April) in a commercial heated storage facility with out electrical plug in options.  I have been unable to find any info regarding how to address the batteries.  I’m sure it’s been asked and answers somewhere.  I have been unable to locate any info.  The previous owner stored it in a pole barn with a Battery Tender and it has was fine. (Told me these Trojans are good to -60 below.  Fairbanks Alaska frequently sees temps in the -40s) What are the protocols for indoor, heated storage?  We’ll winterize H2O system and disconnect propane.  Uncertain how to address the batteries……Thanks for any redirection or input….

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Have you read the Trojan user manual? Everything is laid out in that. You will have to take them to a location where they can be kept mostly charged. They self discharge with no load at 5 to 15% per month. When they get to 70% state of charge they should be recharged. Can you take them to your home where you can keep an eye on them and charge them routinely?

https://www.solaris-shop.com/content/T-105 Users Guide.pdf

You can’t abandon them for months at a time, when spring comes they will be dead and if they freeze and split, the sulfuric acid will make a REALLY nasty mess in your battery box, and maybe destroy the trailer frame too... Keep in mind that they vent hydrogen gas when charging, so you can’t have them in a poorly vented storage area, it would be a serious fire hazard.

I don’t know of any Trojans that are OK at colder than -20 F, but you should verify that. In your situation, with four year old flooded batteries, I would scrap them now and buy lithiums in Spring. Those are about a third the weight and can be stored off season in your bedroom closet 😬

John Davies

Spokane WA

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John, thanks for your sage advice.  Replied to your post last Sunday, but I guess it didn’t post…. I’m not always the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to this sort of thing!   I will take out and leave in our garage and monitor throughout the winter….  Thanks again.

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