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Great Rest Areas of North America


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We've stopped at some really nice rest areas in our travels. Our recent trip through southern Quebec, from Montreal area around the Gaspe Peninsula and into New Brunswick, topped the list for me.

Labeled "Halte" in French-speaking Quebec, each rest stop was better than the next, especially the ones run by the various towns, labeled "Halte Municipale". In towns large and small, some had little "restos" with cafe menus and good, quick food for the weary traveler, but most had nice parking lots, lovely buildings, and a nice view to enjoy. Here's one example:


Plenty of parking for our rigs, a cute little building with typically spotless bathrooms, a picnic area with some tables with a roof for protection on a rainy day, and around back, a lovely view of the water. In front, a map of the town to help you find a grocery store or gas station, a little history of the town, and a hearty welcome from the community. By the restroom doors, a sign (in French, of course), asking you to notify the manager of any problems.

GaspePeninsulaQC211.jpg A little sign by the big chairs invited you to sit, relax, and enjoy the view of the sea.

GaspePeninsulaQC216.jpg The bathroom, extremely clean, had an outlet for shaving, an adjustable mirror, paper cups, and an air freshener with a lovely orange scent.




The town of Paspebiac outdid themselves on this one, but we enjoyed our stops everywhere at haltes in Quebec.


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