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Kitchen cabinet drawer utensil organizer, Recommendations

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Hello fellow Ollie owners,

My wife is wanting to put organizer inserts into the kitchen drawer ('s) ....We found one that almost worked on Amazon by Delamu Bamboo utensil organizer.  It is expandable for the sides but the deep (depth) is approx 1/8" too long  It expands great to the side but the depth just won't quiet fit!  It is 16.92" in depth and it needs to be 16.65-70"  (It is about 3/32" too long) just over an eighth of an inch!.  The closest I have found so far is 16.9"......and it takes a 16.7" which I haven't been able to locate!!!!  

Has anyone solved this problem with a particular brand product that works to organize your utensil drawer?! with the correct needed measurements?  If so I am all ears!!

TIA if you have any suggestions!  Pics would help also! We are Hull 1139, a 2022 Elite II......

Thank you

Vic & Wanda Shumate 

Hull #1139, 2022 Elite II, Auburndale, Fl

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One of our fellow Oliver owners/forum members, Foy Sperring, makes many items for the Oliver trailers.  One of the items is a kitchen drawer organizer.  We have the nightstand drawer organizer and it’s been very useful. Here’s a link to his catalog:


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2019 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull #461

Tow Vehicle: 2019 Ford F-250 SuperCab 4x4, 6.2L Flex-Fuel engine  


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