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    1991 HR imperial, 1994 HR Navigator, 2001 Bluebird LX Wanderlodge

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  1. My Rad expand 5’s folds but I also have a cover on the bed to haul other camping supplies so not a lot of room for the bike whether it’s folded or upright! Getting a 2” receiver installed I think is the way I need to go…..thanks, we will see……
  2. Thanks for all the input, I get the picture lol FYI, I’m attaching pics of the rack I purchased, it’s the MARVOWARE bike rack from Amazon…..Great rack, very solid etc, just needs a 2” receiver……I have it attached with a 1.25” to 2” receiver adapter and it sticks out too far plus, I would never haul the bikes with this set up!!!……the pics are for Information only and the adapter will NOT be used. The reason for my post, I needed to see what others have done! Lol I hear the term punch out the existing 1.25” Oliver receiver and turn it into a 2” receiver!!! How and/or who has done this and how do you punch out the 1.25” to make it into a 2” receiver!? I should have read about this before purchasing the MARVOWARE rack and went with a USA 1up….too late! Lol 🤷🏼‍♂️Thanks for any additional info on the punch out of the 1.25” Oliver existing receiver?
  3. I have a 2” adapter that increase it from a 1.25 to 2” but it adds another 7-8 inches out. Just looking for a simple fix……I will be calling Oliver service on Monday but was hoping for some experienced suggestion that would work….thanks!
  4. Hey John & Wendy! Had a great trip home! Thanks! You head south to Florida, we can make that music happen 🎶 we got a Margaritaville RV resort in Auburndale that is pricey but a GREAT place to stay and it’s only 4 miles from our home😊 safe travels!
  5. I believe it’s called Hardee board or cement board! The garage was built for my first RV a gas 1991 HR imperial 33 foot, then expanded for my 38 foot 1994 HR Navigator before getting a 40 footbluebird LX 2001……..I completely remodeled the whole garage in 2017 when we downsized our living to what is now our RV port home. Sold the bluebird in 2020 and missed the Rv life so after a search purchased the Ollie. I think my Ollie feels at home here 😉 lol
  6. We picked up our Ollie 2 Hull #1139 (We thought we were getting Hull#1132 lol) on June 9, 2022, 1 pm appointment time. After our orientation and education walk around and through by Ryan (very knowledgeable) and our last Financial Paid in full payment to Shelli (A Sweetheart)......We spent the night loading what Camping supplies we brought with us and operating everything we could to make sure everything was working before departing the next day. We met at least three other Oliver owners during this time and found that Nice people do own Oliver's. Some even shared helpful advise of the things they had experience about their unit. Awesome folks! We found a couple of items that needed attention. A little caulk needed below and above the bathroom entrance door (btw these these two seams really need a cover piece to make them more attractive). The front door needed adjustment and the Air Flow fan in the center of the Ollie would not operate properly and had to have a new board installed the next day (June 10). After leaving the factory, we drove to Cullman, Alabama about 140 South of Hohenwald, Tn and spent 11 day's at the Palomino RV Resort ($54 a night) A very nice place to stay! There we utilized the Camper while visiting relatives in the area. We had two other issues pop up with the unit. The battery straps buckle that are in the battery compartment (AGM batteries) had broken. Jason in Service sent out new ones to my home and they have been replaced. The touch led lights over the sink & cooktop both went on the blink. Jason in Service authorized new lights be sent to my home. They are Riveted in and I replaced them with the help of an experienced friend who had done some Riveting in the past. (Note: a small instruction should be wrote up on exactly what to expect if you need to replace these lights in the future). Example: The original connection on the wiring, once the lights are removed, will not pull out of the hole to replace them! You have to splice the new wires to the old wires, so now you have two connection splices. The room to reinsert the wires is very small but we got them back in by removing some of the foam. The new lights are now functioning as intended! The Ollie will be parked in the RV garage (affectionally nicked named Ollie Avenue, for the time being). We are searching for a name to give the Ollie but no hurry. We are in the process of awaiting a mattress topper from MATTRESS INSIDER and 4 sets of fitted sheets. My new Dodge Ram Limited 1500 5.7 liter truck is due for some warranty electrical work and once that is completed and the sheets arrive, we will be off and running to enjoy our new Camper. Hope you enjoy the pictures!?
  7. Looks like I got a lot to think about depending on my needs! You folks are awesome! THANK YOU! Now on to the hunt! Vic Shumate #1132 Auburndale, Fl 33823 2022 Ram LImited 4x4
  8. Thanks for the input folks, gives me things to consider………I’m an X-Bluebird owner and have decided to downsize my life. All other motorhome rv’s I’ve had, were equipped with built in generators and inverters, so using a portable generator (when needed) was a consideration I needed to put some thought into. I really like the features of the Champion, even though I know Hondas to be the best out there! I was told by my sales person, if I went with the Honda 2200, I would need two with a linking device to run the AC!? I will have the easy start installed during the manufacturing process. The 30 amp plug in, with dual fuel on the champion is a great feature, as mentioned above, the con is the weight at 96 lbs?! Does anyone know if any quality generator out there including Champion in the 2200 size offers a 30 amp plug in, so that I would only need one small generator unit? Experience/suggestion with a good set up that has worked for you would possibly be helpful in my considerations! Thanks in advance for any additional knowledge you would like to share😎 Vic Shumate #1132
  9. We should be picking up our 2022 Ollie Elite II the middle of June 2022 (one month out) and was considering when to purchase a generator when needed and which generator to purchase. Would this Champion Generator be enough power to run the AC, say at a bluegrass festival, should we need AC in the summer months?! Looking at the refurbished generators on this site. Thanks for any help or experience you can share. Thanks, Vic Shumate #1132 https://factorypure.com/products/champion-100204-2800w-3100w-inverter-dual-fuel-electric-start-generator-manufacturer-rfb?variant=1218380562457&cmp_id=6444139172&adg_id=75812937574&kwd=&device=c&campaign=6444139172&content=376909439927&keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmuiTBhDoARIsAPiv6L_T1r9Woa-Ux3fKfusmOyn71iByqI0si8m8I9M6DfdJqZ7JdN7XLOcaAistEALw_wcB
  10. Thanks for your input! I’ll dig deeper into the Honda companion but I’m thinking the Honda 30 amp plug still requires an adapter?!
  11. I'm looking for the best generator for my Ollie and I understand HONDA is the best and i have read several of the blogs that occurred several years ago. I found where Yamaha now has an EF 2200is that has a 30 amp plug so no adaptor is required. I thought I found one that had dual gas operation LP & reg gas. I will be using my LP tanks so it will be LP for me. However, I can't seem to locate the LP dual fuel model on line?!?! If I go with Honda (I have a 10 month wait) I have a little time before purchasing so I was hoping they would make one with a 30 amp RV style plug in cord. I'm new to Ollie and the Forum but have been RV's for 30 years. Any input would be welcome. I won't be doing a lot of boon docking except at some bluegrass festivals and I have ordered the 340 watt solar panels with the AGM batteries.
  12. Looks like we may be at the factory potentially the same time you guys are......Quote date 08 August 2021, Order placed 12 August 2021 with Deposit and delivery set for June 14, 2022.......I wasn't given a Hull number yet?? We ok with the wait time as long as our health holds up lol
  13. Thanks Duke & Chris, your hospitality was appreciated! Look forward to other meetings to discuss Oliver!
  14. Hi! We are Vic & Wanda Shumate out of Auburndale, Fl 33823, retired, been RV’g for 31 years, prior RV’s (1991 HR imperial 33’ gas, 1994 HR Navigator diesel 38’, 2001 Bluebird Wanderlodge LX 500 diesel) It was Time to downsize as age is catching up but our zest for bluegrass festivals, Smokey mountain trips along with state parks nature and more, would not let us go quietly! Our last RV (Bluebird) was sold about 6 months ago) our exhaustive search for a replacement small RV pull behind begin about 2 months ago and ended with the selection of the Oliver Legacy Elite II with a sales order written today 8/12/2021. Thanks to Josh White! No need to tell you all why we chose the Oliver lol and yes we took the factory tour 8/19/2021….. looking forward to our ownership sometime in June of 2022…….At the moment we will be towing it with a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 liter V8, summit……We also have on order a Tesla cyber truck two motor due sometime in late 2022 that we hope to use too! We are excited about the Oliver and look forward to future meetings with other owners……..
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