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Part Eight of cooking with Grandma's castiron


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I have been reading your articles regarding cooking outdoors, especially using cast iron cookware.


I have several pieces that I have purchased, and some inherited all the way back to my great-grandmother. One of my favorite, Lodge,  manufactures all of their cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, not too far from Chattanooga.  Although Lodge has several outlet stores, the "Mother"store is next-door to the manufacturing plant in South Pittsburg.  There they also manufacture a line of cast iron stoves, like my grandmothers "Warm Morning" cast iron stove.  In the "Mother" Lodge factory store, they carry all types of cookware, accessories and new items. Disclaimer- I am not associated with Lodge, just a loyal customer of iron cookware and much more importantly,  the great food that is much better cooked in ironware.

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